Sex During Menstruation?

3.05.2010 | By: I. M.

Sex during menstruation is still a taboo for some, but there are ways to enjoy sex even during those days in a month...

Sex during menstruation can be just as steamy! (PhotoXpress)

Sex during menstruation can be just as steamy! (PhotoXpress)

Some women are sex maniacs during their period

It’s clear to all couples that there is to be no sex during menstruation. And it’s clear to all women that hormones go crazy in their body at that time and that they want sex more than other days of the month and thus chocolate serves as the perfect solution. Namely, it’s a known fact that chocolate triggers the feelings of comfort similar to the one that occur when experiencing an orgasm. During this sexual abstinence that last a few days, some women satisfy their partner with a blow job, while other men become fellow sufferers and don’t have any sex. There are also women who’re able to turn menstruation to their advantage. Dear ladies, don’t let your period present an obstacle to your sex life. When you feel a passionate desire for sex, simply fulfill it.

Licking her vagina

Some men find the idea to orally satisfy their partner during her menstrual cycle very repulsive. They find the smell as well as the taste of the vagina unpleasant. However, there’s a way how to avoid both and enjoy sex as well as help your darling achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Ladies, if you want your partner to lick your vagina when you have your period, use a tampon instead of a sanitary towel. Insert it into your vagina and your partner should lick your clitoris with his tongue. If you want to feel intense pleasure, he should take hold of a tampon sting and gently pull it while he licks your clitoris. Your vagina will become aroused and moist as never before because he’ll provide double stimulation – vaginal and clitoral. The feelings are the same as if using vaginal balls and your orgasm will be unbelievable.

Vaginal sex during menstruation

Vaginal sex can be unpleasant if menstruation is always accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen. The vaginal walls are much more swollen during that time, while the inside of the vagina becomes smaller. Sex during menstruation can be pleasant, but it has to be done slowly. Therefore, if penetration takes place, your partner should insert his penis very gently to avoid any unnecessary pain. If you don’t want to leave a mess on the bed, place a thick towel underneath your buttock before sexual intercourse. Men who don’t have any special prejudices against sex during menstruation find this type of vaginal wetness and the sexual experience itself as something special.

Anal sex during menstruation

If you love anal sex, you’ll love it even more during your period. Your partner’s penis will offer anal pleasure and, at the same time, press the tampon inserted in your vagina. Thus, you could almost say that you experience the thrills of double penetration. If you massage your clitoris with your fingers during that, the experience will be even nicer and more intense, followed by a strong orgasm.

Erotic massage

If your partner still finds all of the aforementioned ideas unpleasant for whatever reason, he can give you an erotic massage that will awaken your body and the most hidden erogenous zones. It’s recommended that, during a massage, you use a body lotion or baby oil, which is more pleasant for the woman’s sensitive skin than other scented oils. Your partner should massage you to relax your whole body, from head to toe, whereby he should spend most time in the area around your buttock and breasts. The last stop of his massage should be your vagina. With his oily fingers, he should massage your clitoris by moving them in circular motion, while the fingers of his other hand caress the outer lips across the whole length. Orgasm will be even more intense than during licking.

Do you have sex during menstruation? What tricks do you use? Share them in the forum!

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