Shave your man... everywhere!

15.03.2013 | By: Antonio B

Women, too, like men to have a smooth skin around their private parts. Shave him there where a smooth skin turns you on the most!



shaving man 1If your partner misses your smooth skin, let her shave you everywhere she wants. (PhotoXpress)
shaving man 2Shaving your partner can be a very gentle and romantic thing.
shaving man 1
shaving man 2


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Shaving his armpits

Women who like to smell, kiss and perhaps even lick their partner’s armpits surely don’t like their armpits to be hairy, or that there’s a lot of hair and that men don’t make sure to cut them slightly. For that reason, it’s nice and exciting if you remove them yourself. We recommend a bath where a man is stark naked and can show you his armpits without being embarrassed. First, trim his hair with scissors or a hair shaver or trimmer and then put on a shaving cream and shave off his hair with a razor until the skin is completely smooth, that is, as smooth as the skin under your armpits. Seductive and sexy. Then you can kiss and lick them and show him your delight that he finally got rid of that hair. In the end, don’t forget an aftershave and a cream to prevent an infection and unpleasant pimples.


Shaving his testicles and areas around his penis

Women also don’t like too much hair on the male genitals, particularly the testicles, because they like to lick them, and in the areas around the penis where the long and thick hair can be very distracting. Thus, the best thing is that you shave off his hair yourself through a game or foreplay leading to sexual intercourse. Naturally, he has to trust you and believe that you won’t cut him and that you desperately want him to have smooth genitals. Hair can be trimmed or shaved off. You can also make a heart or strip above his penis. Be creative. If you both are naughty enough, you can make the first letters of your names from the hair above your genitals. You can have his letter and he can have your. When you finish shaving, don’t forget to devotedly lick all the smooth areas because that’ll serve as a reward for the fact that your man let you shave him.

Shaving his buttocks

If you want  your man to have a completely smooth butt, try persuading him to shave it. Tell him that you'd be extremely aroused and that you’ll devotedly lick it afterwards to thank him. Shave it as part of foreplay. Your partner should go on all fours and lift his butt high in the air. You can shave the whole area or only the hair around his anus and between his testicles and anus. If your wishes mean a lot to him and he isn’t just tempted by a reward, he’ll let you do it without any major problems. You can use a shaving cream and razor to shave him, or you can use a hair removal cream and remove his hair with a spatula. When you finish shaving, fulfil your promise and devotedly lick his buttocks and anus with your tongue.

Shaving areas around his nipples

If your man  has very hairy chest, this might be the most disputable shave, especially because it looks funny if only one part is shaved. Well, there’s no problem if he lets you shave his whole chest, but if he only allows you to shave the area around his nipples, take the opportunity and shave the area according to your wishes. This, of course, applies to women who like to lick the partner’s nipples and are distracted by his hair. The matter is done very quickly. The initial funny look soon turns into special passion for a woman who’ll finally come into her own and indulge in licking smooth nipples.

Shaving his back and face

Today, it’s almost necessary that a man has his back shaved because most women are annoyed if their man has hair on his  back. As it’s difficult for a man to shave it himself, it’s nice if you can shave for him. A smooth back of a man could be very thrilling for many women, especially if they shave it themselves and then put some oil on the skin. It’s a completely different story if you shave a man’s face. This is a very standard ritual that women like to watch and admire it. Maybe a man should leave this morning ritual to the gentle hands of his partner once in a while. She’ll take it as a sign of trust and great mutual love. We suggest that you shave him in an old-fashioned way, by a straight razor and foam, which can be very thrilling. Especially if you remember the film Sommersby, where Jodie Foster shaves Richard Gere in a very gentle, romantic and even erotic way. And don’t forget, shaving your man’s face is much more interesting if he has slightly longer beard that hasn’t been shaved days.


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