Squeeze it between your breasts!

13.07.2011 | By: S. M.

Even if your breasts aren’t among the biggest out there, you can still do this and drive him completely crazy. Read how to do it!



intercourse between breasts

Many men want to be able to slide their penis between the breasts of their darling. (PhotoXpress)


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There’s hardly any man who wouldn’t want to slide his cock between female breasts and all the way to the mouth... We have prepared a very effective piece of advice on how women can help him slide between their breasts in such a way that he won’t soon forget.

Even women with smaller breasts can take a penis between their breasts

For a start let’s say that it’s wrong to believe that only women with large breasts can take a penis between the breasts. It’s true that it might be somewhat easier, but the feeling can be just as wonderful to a man if the breasts are smaller and if you know how to “embrace” his cock in the right way and create an alternate vagina. Let’s see how it’s done.

The technique can be performed in such a way that a woman can have a passive or an active role. If she’s more passive, she’s lying on her back and supporting her breasts with her hands and bringing them closer to one another. The man then slides between them the way he feels is best. We’ll pay more attention to the technique where the woman is more active. With this technique it’s easiest for the man to sit on the edge of the bed and the woman sits on the ground beneath him. This way it will be most comfortable for both of them and it’ll be easiest to feel pleasure.

How to make him feel like he’s penetrating between your breasts?

Step 1: The woman should support one breast with each hand and lift them up. It won’t hurt if she puts lubricant on her breasts beforehand because the friction will be smoother and the man will have the feeling as if he has entered the vagina.

Step 2: Place the testicles on the breasts with the upper part of your body, then let them slip between your breasts. If it’s possible, stroke the testicles with your breasts during this or take your breasts into one hand and stimulate his testicles with the other. When you reach the penis, squeeze it between your breasts sensually. If possible, try embracing the penis with your breasts. Don’t worry if you’re too small because the friction on the sides of his penis will feel very nice to him as well, especially if you use lubricant. Lift yourself up until you get to the tip of the penis. When you reach this point, you can move up and down with your breasts for about an inch, so that it’s hardly noticeable and then slowly make your way down.

Step 3: While returning to the beginning of your wonderful journey, gently slide with your nose, chin and lips on his stomach, so that he’ll hardly be able to wait to see what happens when you reach the head of his penis with your mouth. When you reach the penis for the first time, don’t take it in your mouth yet. Repeat the journey with your breasts a few more times and touch the penis more and more intensely with your mouth each time. When he’s begging you to relieve him, take all of it into your mouth. That’s when the real adventure begins!


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