Surprise him with hair!

4.07.2012 | By: Antonio B

Nowadays it’s so trendy to have no hair down below that pubic hair is sometimes a real fetish. Why not?



pubic hair

You can also surprise your partner with pubic hair. Only shave your armpits, but leave your mons veneris natural. (PhotoXpress)


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Why should you always look like little girls?

If you don’t see your partner for a while because, for instance, you don’t live together yet, you have the perfect opportunity to follow our advice which is, of course, very easy to carry out and can bring extra excitement into your sex life. Simply stop shaving and you’ll see results. It’s a perfect situation if you don’t see each other for a week as you need some time to prepare your surprise. You can choose among several options. You can leave a narrow or wide landing strip, a wide triangle or completely natural pubic hair. We suggest you leave at least a wide triangle so that you’ll achieve complete surprise. Your man may be used to the landing strip on your vagina and doesn’t find it so special any more. The point is that you have as many as possible and as thick as possible hair that will make you a naughtier and hornier woman. A woman in the real sense of the word. A wild woman who won’t look like a little girl down below.

If he likes your pubic hair, let them grow!

If your surprise achieves the set goal and if your man is thrilled with the change, be even more hairy at your next meeting. Why would you shave if you see that your hair turns him on? Let it grow and have a more natural look down below. However, don’t exaggerate, meaning that you shave the bikini line and the labia and let pubic hair grow on the mons veneris. Thus, you’ll in fact offer him double pleasure. One part of your vagina will be smooth and shaved and the other part will be hairy and natural. You can talk about that on the phone during your lunch break or send each other hot text messages describing how your hairy vagina wildly expects him and that it’s hairy only for his lad. This will, without doubt, turn him on and he’ll also think about your hair from then on. The advantage of hair is, of course, that it can be remove immediately when you don’t like it any more, which means that you can shave it again when everything becomes uninteresting and when there’s time for a new change.


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