Analingus Is Not a Taboo Anymore

14.08.2010 | By: A. B.

Analingus, in other words licking of the anal opening, was still a big taboo several decades ago. If you want to know how sexologists dealt with the problem, do not miss this extensive article.



Analingus used to be a very rare sexual practice and big taboo.

Analingus used to be a very rare sexual practice and a big taboo. (Photoxpress)


Analingus was rejected by recognized sexologists

Even the renowned sexologist, Alfred Kinsey, did not provide a single practical example of analingus in his daring studies, which means that he simply forgot about it, or this practice seemed completely impossible to him. The same goes for the legendary sexologist Krafft Ebing, who indeed mentioned analingus, but he did not provide a practical example or advice. Moreover, the then psychoanalysts and physicians only knew patients who admitted to fantasising about licking the anus and fearing that they would do it in reality. One of such physicians was also Louis S. London, who in his book Mental Therapy studied a man who admitted to his desire for doing it but never had courage to carry it out in reality. In the past, analingus was considered a serious disorder of the human psyche, that is, a strong sexual deviation only practiced by mentally challenged people.

Analingus was performed by homosexuals only

In that time, the only person in this field who discovered some actual cases was sexologist Yankowski, the author of the book Report on Premarital Sex where he stated that analingus was used by almost 2 per cent of women and 6 per cent men. And even this happened only once in life and without any special desires to enjoy it. Of course, the research was very superficial because no distinction was made between the active and passive roles, and there was no data whether couples were homosexual or heterosexual. However, the author of the book explained several years later that most men had been homosexual, and heterosexual couples really had not done it to experience a special thrill. Yankovski found that analingus can be great stimulation to achieve a longer erection and have a more lubricated vagina. He therefore could not understand why couples did not do it more often.

Physiological facts show otherwise

Researches and a small percentage of people who used to perform analingus are in complete contrast to the human anatomy, or even better, to the physiognomy of the buttocks. Similar to the vagina, the buttocks contains a lot of nerves. That is why the contraction of sphincter muscles, regardless of the intentional or unintentional response to erotic stimuli, is a perfect trigger for a reaction in the genital area and other parts of the body. The warmth produced by the contact of the mouth and the tongue on the anus is therefore a potential source of various sensations that are sometimes even stronger than similar stimulation of the genital area. This goes for both men and women who can experience the same intensity of orgasm whether licking involves the anus or the vagina. The question that is posed is what the partner who is performing analingus feels and experiences. Of course, Yankowski also devoted his attention to this problem and found that the partner only satisfies the desire and request of the other one. For example, two women who participated in his research admitted that they only obliged their husbands and they were even a little bored while performing it.

Today analingus is not a taboo anymore

Analingus is not a common sexual practice even today, but times are changing, particularly in porn films and younger couples who gladly imitate these films. Licking of the female anus is, of course, much more common than licking of the male anus because it is often used as foreplay before having anal intercourse, which means the man licks the vagina and anus with his tongue in turn.  Women experience some difficulties with male hair. However, if the man is nicely shaved, this should not cause any major problems. Hygiene is the most important thing, as well as what you are prepared to do for the pleasure of your partner.

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