Do Women Really Dream about Large Penises?

5.06.2012 | By: Antonio B

Is the giant their most secret fantasy or can an extremely large penis be in fact completely useless?



Talking about penis sizes is not the main topic (jlp)

Talking about penis sizes is not the main topic (jlp)


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A while ago I came across a poll where 80 per cent of women stated that their greatest and most secret fantasy is that they would at least once experience thrills with a large penis.

We are talking about giants!

When I say a large penis, I think of a proper giant, of course. At least 8.5 or more inches long machine with which you can play in whatever way you want. Therefore, the size about which an average guy can only dream.

Are women really obsessed with the size of the man’s tool, or is it merely the male complex about which women could not care less? Is a large and thick penis really necessary for good sex? Is a man who does not have it deprived of pleasure and will he stay single for the rest of his life? Different people could, of course, respond differently to these questions. But something is certain. An average penis is quite a good offer for quality sex because sexual intercourse never solely depended on the penis, but also on passion and how well partners understand each other. What will a man do with a large penis if he does not know how to use and if he only uses it in the wrong way.

Too large penis is often useless

But what if he has a giant and is also a great lover who is aware that the penis is merely a piece of the puzzle? And he is able to make women wild with his extreme size, particularly those who fulfil their secret fantasises for the first time? In that case, will a woman also say that size does not matter, or will she admit that she would rather have a large penis than an average one? The dilemma which can only be answered by women. And fear which without doubt haunts men with smaller penises. On the other hand, there is another poll where it was women who admitted that too large penis is useless because it in fact offers pain and discomfort instead of pleasure. Particularly in anal sex and the so-called deep throat which in such a case is actually not even feasible.

Therefore, dear guys do not burden yourselves with inches and show your sexual abilities to a woman in your own way. Not with a large penis but passion and dedication that leave far behind all the incredible giants. And remember, the appearance of the penis is very important for many women as well. If it looks nice, it can also be a little smaller and she will still be fully satisfied.


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