Do Women Really Prefer Large Penises?

16.08.2011 | By: I. M.

Here is a reply to the eternal dilemma that burdens men and about which women are more or less silent.



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Many women believe that penis width is very important. (PhotoXpress)


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Does the penis size matter?

A recent American study has shown that a lot of women find penis size important. 84% of them responded that a small penis didn’t satisfy them fully and they would be prepared to leave their partners if they had a too small penis, since they would be unhappy all the time and sexually dissatisfied. Women, however, aren’t the only ones who burden themselves with penis size. Men worry as well. Those who think that their penis is too small will usually be embarrassed to take their clothes off in a dressing room or common bathroom because they will feel inferior to the rest of the lads dangling around them. They can also experience anxiety thinking that they won’t be able to satisfy a woman sexually. But guys, don’t worry about the length of our lad. With the right woman, your sexual life will always be a wild, passionate and hot adventure irrespective of the size of your penis. As it is a proven fact that a woman feels stimulation most intensely in the first inch inside her vagina during penetration, the size of your penis definitely cannot be blamed for her dissatisfaction.

‘Width is more important’

For some women, penis width is more important than penis length. They find it more important because penis width gives them the feelings of fullness in the vagina, as opposed to penis length. They even think that length could be problematic because the penis might penetrate too deeply into the vagina. Thus, sexual intercourse is no longer pleasant, but it becomes painful. If the penis is thick enough, they can feel pressure on all vaginal walls, which provides them more pleasure. In the first attempt of penetration into a woman’s vagina, a wide penis makes her let out a deep sigh of pleasure and she feels a much more considerable and intense stimulation.

Big but useless

As already said, during penetration a woman feels stimulation most intensely in the first inch inside her vagina or anal opening. Therefore, when the penis is too big, it can happen that sexual intercourse is no longer so pleasant, but it becomes painful. Pain can appear inside the vagina, and if the vagina isn’t sufficiently lubricated, the vaginal walls and the entrance can be damaged. There is also a chance of injury during anal intercourse if a couple doesn’t use enough lubricant. Pain can also appear inside the anal opening. An above average sized penis also has fewer chances of the so-called ‘deep throat’, where a woman takes the whole penis deep into her mouth during a blow job. The experience is very pleasant, but if the penis is too big, many women can’t perform it or it makes them vomit.

‘Only a big penis is sufficient for good intercourse’

Many men are relieved when taking measures of their giant because they think that this alone will gain them the status of a good lover. Wrong. A lot more than a gigantic penis is needed to have the status of a good lover. As sex is a mixture of psychological, physical and emotional factors, the physical aspect alone isn’t sufficient. Every woman knows better than to search for a good lover on the basis the quantity of her lover’s penis.

Sexual intercourse with a small penis

If you are still worried about the size of your lad and believe that it is too small, here is another piece of advice for better intercourse. During sexual intercourse don’t penetrate the vagina according to the pattern ‘in-out’, but also make circular movements inside the vagina with your penis. Therefore, caress all vaginal walls with your penis and, at the same time, you will also stimulate her clitoris with your pubic bone, which will, without doubt, lead every woman to an unforgettable orgasm.


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