Elayne Angel: Introduction to Genital Piercings

25.06.2010 | By: Elayne Angel, The Piercing Bible-The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing

Genital piercing: a liberating feeling of harmony with your body that could not be achieved through any other means.

Navel piercing

There is more to piercing than just navels and eyebrows: Elayne Angel will present you the intriguing practice of genital piercing. (PhotoXpress)


Many people do not find their private parts attractive or appealing. A large proportion of men from Western nations have had their genitals altered through nonconsensual circumcision during infancy. When an individual makes a choice about the appearance of his or her own genitals by piercing and adorning them with jewelry, it can be highly liberating, and for many it inspires a harmony with their bodies that could not be achieved through any other means.

Genital piercings - a little metal secret

In our modern culture, lots of adults are motivated to be pierced for sexual gratification. No one should assume that their doctor or banker doesn’t sport a little metal secret. I have pierced people from all professions and socioeconomic backgrounds—rocket scientists, clergy, and retired grandparents among them!

Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel, master piercer and author of The Piercing Bible - The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing (photo: Elayne Angel)

The presence of piercings and jewelry in certain locations results in increased physical stimulation for piercees or their partners. Couples sometimes use piercings to revitalize their sensual focus and reignite the flames in relationships that have lost some of their spark. Intimate piercings can bolster confidence in the bedroom and in oneself as a sexual being.

Genital piercing for greater sexual pleasure

While piercings can improve your love life, they are not a panacea for problems, including unskilled or incompatible partners. Intimate piercings can also help—or hurt—the genital size match of a couple. If you and your spouse have a snug fit already, adding a genital piercing such as an ampallang (placed horizontally through the glans) may be not be comfortable because it increases width at the head of the penis. However, if you have more ease between you, the added jewelry could be just the thing to make you more compatible, resulting in greater satisfaction for both parties.

Simply the thought of genital piercings is enough to cause many people to reflexively slam their knees together, but—contrary to what the uninitiated usually think—intimate piercings are not especially painful, and they can be well worth the greater pleasure you may receive. When performed properly, the sensation of the piercing itself is very brief, and afterward there is seldom lingering discomfort. By the time you are dressed, you’re likely to notice only that something is there. It is also normal to feel nothing different at all. You probably won’t want to wriggle into your tightest pair of jeans the day you get pierced, but you’re extremely unlikely to feel debilitated afterward. Plenty of my clients have compared the intensity of getting a genital piercing as similar to that of getting an earlobe piercing. Exceptions include ampallangs, apadravyas, dydoes, and the serious (though rare) clitoris piercing. I’ll be explaining all of these and other genital piercings in future articles.

The piercer should bear in mind distinctive features when piercing genitals

Genital piercing is special because there is the potential to affect your sexual pleasure. A poorly placed piercing can result in a missed opportunity for enhancement or even a temporary or permanent loss of sensation. Because of variations in genital anatomy and personal preferences for sexual stimulation, each piercee must be evaluated (and even counseled) on an individual basis before deciding on a genital piercing.

Genital Piercings

As a piercing pioneer Elayne has contributed to modern safety and quality standards and is recognised as THE piercer when it comes to genital piercing. (photo: Elayne Angel)

Locate an experienced professional who has had specific training in placing and performing genital piercings, and who can communicate with you openly. The right piercer will have a professional manner that helps you feel comfortable and safe. Your piercer must be able to undertake her role with sensitivity, and you must be prepared to honestly describe what you expect from your piercing. Many piercers simply do not have enough knowledge to guide you and cannot determine, for instance, whether a certain placement is more simulating or ornamental. A good piercer will have an in-depth conversation with you to be sure that you have all the education you need to make an informed decision about your piercing. Don’t settle for a piercer who does not impress you with her vast knowledge and outstanding qualifications.

In order to place piercings properly, your piercer must scrutinize your genitals and may need to do some stretching, tugging, and pinching of your tissue to take a close look for veins or other vital structures. For accurate placement, the area must be marked, and then the skin may need to be moved. For men, the tissue may have to be pulled taut (as it is when you are erect), and if you have a foreskin, it may need to be retracted. If you are a novice piercee you might misconstrue these activities as being sexual in nature, but these procedures are invaluable for accurate placement. Nonetheless, always listen to your intuition. It is appropriate to call off your piercing if you believe your piercer is behaving unprofessionally.

More from Elayne on male and female genital piercings soon!

Coming next is a discussion about female genital anatomy and an introduction to the most popular intimate piercings for women. After that, the guys will get their due with an article about male genital piercings.

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