Elayne Angel on Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercings

2.02.2011 | By: Elayne Angel, author of The Piercing Bible

Elayne Angel tells you everything you need to know about the Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing in her latest article


HCH piercing

Elayne Angel writes about the HCH piercing

HCH Piercing: Multiple Piercings

If you have a long enough hood, multiple horizontal piercings (among other options) may be possible. Two or three are not unheard of, but more than that is rare. Rings are usually positioned so that they overlap to some extent, but there has to be enough space between them so the jewelry does not pinch your sensitive tissue. You must have highly symmetrical, well-developed anatomy and a skilled piercer for multiple hood piercings. It is best to get them one at a time, unless they will be located relatively far apart. More than two hood piercings per session could be excessively traumatic to the area.

HCH Piercing: Procedure

The tunnel-like shape of the hood makes the receiving tube an ideal tool to simultaneously protect the clitoris and support the tissue for the VCH procedure. However, for the HCH piercing through the skin atop the clitoris, forceps are very well suited to hold the tissue of the hood. Forceps not only secure the skin, they also help to assure that only the hood tissue is clamped and pierced, and not the nerve bundle just underneath. I find that tissue manipulation helps to separate the hood from the clitoral shaft before clamping. Most women do not describe this piercing as particularly intense since it passes through only the relatively thin, pliable flesh of the hood.

Elayne Angel The Piercing Bible

Elayne Angel, author of The Piercing Bible

To be safe and sturdy, the HCH must pierce through a solid section of hood tissue, so I am careful to pinch up the skin from the midline in anticipation of its tendency to fold in on itself. Otherwise you can end up with a channel that is too shallow in the middle and wears through over time, or an unsafe double piercing that misses the center completely and just pierces through an unstable sliver of skin on each side of your hood. If the tissue of your hood cannot be lifted up and kept elevated in the center, do not attempt this piercing.

HCH Piercing: Healing and Troubleshooting

The most common complaint during healing is that the jewelry twists. Prevention is key: if your anatomy is not well suited, don’t get an HCH piercing. Depending on your build and piercing placement, the twisting might be minimized by wearing a C-ring or U-ring (widened circular barbell), which I suggest for triangle piercings. This alternate style may help you get through the healing period, but it will not be as stimulating as a complete ring, due to the gap between the balls.

Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing

Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing (Photo: piercingbible.com)

HCH Piercing: Changing Jewelry

Sometimes a smaller ring can be worn after you are healed, which may improve your comfort by reducing the tendency toward twisting. Changing the diameter of the ring will alter the way the piercing feels, however, since the bead will rest in a different spot. A shaped ring such as an oval or inverted teardrop may be more comfortable and also functional. Bar-style jewelry cannot be expected to improve sensation since it will not touch the clitoris at all.

HCH Piercing: Stretching

This skin is somewhat stretchable on most women. If you have a substantial amount of tissue in the piercing, over time you can safely enlarge to rather large sizes. You may find the HCH more stimulating when you wear heavier jewelry. After four to six months it should be ready to expand one size.

HCH Piercing: Retiring

Your piercing can shrink or close quickly when the jewelry is removed. Because the piercing is placed in the natural creases at the base of your hood, if you abandon an HCH, even your gynecologist may not notice any remaining marks. There is no physiological basis for a lasting change in sensation from getting this piercing and later retiring it.

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