EXTREME: A Saline Scrotum Injection for Their Pleasure!

15.10.2009 | By: A. P.

Meet a new and rather strange form of male masturbation – the scrotum saline injection!



Care for a saline scrotum injection, Sir?

Care for a saline scrotum injection, Sir?


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The scrotum saline injection - for his pleasure!

The scrotum saline injection is a procedure where the scrotum sack is injected with a medical saline solution. The fetishist either does that by himself or lets a sexual partner do that for him. Through a saline scrotum injection, the fetishist becomes highly aroused while his scrotum is very much enlarged. In order for a saline injection treatment for his pleasure to be performed safely and skillfully, the equipment needs to be sterile and the type of the medical saline solution you use has to be the one normally used in hospitals or medical practices. You should never make your own saline solution.

Medical fetishism is a great cash drop in the world of porn as well!

Medical fetishism is a great cash drop in the world of porn as well!

What does a scrotum saline injection procedure look like?

The fetishist or the partner who is about to administer a scrotum saline injection should prepare the necessary equipment in a sterile environment and lay all the utensils out on a sterile cloth. After that, the fetishist’s scrotum has to be cleaned and sterilized on the outside. For the scrotum saline injection to be administered properly, a sterile injection feed has to be inserted into the scrotum, without making contact with the testicles. Then, the scrotum saline injection should be administered into one part of the scrotum first and then into the other.

“Rookies” should start with a smaller amount of the saline solution (3.4 ounces = 100ml), while more experienced “users” can take a saline solution amount of up to 17 ounces (=500ml).

What do you do after they’re full?

After a fetishist has indulged in a scrotum saline injection, his balls look like, well, balls! The fetishists then like to play with them a little, but that doesn’t take too long since stroking the scrotum for just a couple of seconds leads to experiencing a hugely explosive orgasm. According to scrotum saline injection aficionados, it simply takes your breath away.

And what do you do with the huge sack afterwards?

It usually takes one or two days for the saline solution to be absorbed, while the scrotum can remain “bigger than usual” for up to a week.

Is he up for a saline scrotum injection? What do you think?

Is he up for a saline scrotum injection? What do you think?

Medical fetishism

The human imagination knows no boundaries and the world of fetish is full of the most peculiar and deviant forms of sexual stimulation. Medical fetishism, for example, is a number of sexual fetishes of a medical or clinical nature and can feature some of the more extreme ways of seeking sexual pleasure.

Playing doctor

As we already mentioned, medical fetishism is a collective term for sexual fetishes which are closely connected with the medical or the clinical environment and medical and clinical equipment. In medical fetishism, people use countless medical appliances and devices, all kinds of hospital uniforms, and subsequently even role playing (medical examinations and the like).


You can find more advice on Male Masturbation Techniques in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality.



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