Face the Fact that Your Are Homosexual

23.10.2009 | By: Antonio B

The biggest problems homosexual men have to face today come from social prejudices which can lead to (sometimes heavy) abuse and discrimination.



Avoid the stress and all those sleepless nights by accepting the fact that you are homosexual. (jlp)

Avoid the stress and all those sleepless nights by accepting the fact that you are homosexual. (jlp)

Men don’t question their sexual orientation very often

An average heterosexual man doesn’t question his sexual orientation and is completely happy if he fits the social norm. But if you feel that you could be more attracted to men, you might start questioning your feelings and even putting more effort into adapting to a "normal" heterosexual lifestyle before you find the strength to accept what you really prefer. If you are younger than 21, you shouldn’t draw any conclusions too quickly. Some funny feelings about other men and maybe one or two slightly homoerotic experiences won’t seal your faith just yet. Many heterosexual men have what could be regarded as slightly homoerotic encounters at least once during their lifetime. After you have more opportunities to get closer to women you will also have more self-esteem and should be getting more and more attracted to them with each attempt. Maybe you will have to test a plethora of different kinds of relations with persons of both sexes before you’ll really be able to make the decision which “team to play for”. Don’t let any of your heterosexual or homosexual friends force you into choosing their side. Draw on your own experience and decide for yourself what you really want.

Before making the final decision, you should find out what arouses you the most. If you have no interest in women, or if heterosexual activities appall you right now, then this will probably never change. Even if you think that a heterosexual lifestyle is the only reasonable choice, it would make much more sense to accept the fact that you are homosexual. If you’re still insecure about your preferences and unable to accept the fact that you are homosexual, then it will be best for you to seek professional counseling.


Many homosexual men who can’t accept the fact that they are homosexual marry a woman just to avoid any trouble. (jlp)

Many homosexual men who can’t accept the fact that they are homosexual marry a woman just to avoid any trouble. (jlp)

You are homosexual but you don't want any trouble and would prefer to marry a woman

There are a lot of homosexual men who have married or plan to marry a woman just to be on the “safe side”. The life of homosexual men is anything but easy; so at least 20 percent of homosexual men marry a woman just to avoid the trouble that could arise if their nearest and dearest find out that they are actually gay. And some even do it because they just won’t accept the fact that they are homosexual. If you’re homosexual and considering this option, we can assure you that you won’t be able to hide it from yourself and that your true feelings will never ever go away. Such relationships mostly don’t last long because one of the partners isn't capable of genuine heterosexual feelings. If you’re not attracted to women, not even for just a little bit, then it would be best to avoid more questions and sleepless nights and just confess to yourself that you are homosexual. It’s a fact that a lot of homosexual men stay “in the closet” because they fear how society would treat them. 

Different studies have shown that only around 30 percent of all homosexual men confessed their true sexual orientation at least to their immediate family, while a much greater share keep concealing it from their friends, their coworkers, and their employers as well. If you accept the fact that you are homosexual and find the strength to come out of the closet, you will rid yourself of a very heavy burden, and you won't have to hide and pretend anymore. On the other hand, there still is a negative side to it. You could face a heavy headwind on the job and who knows if your immediate family and your friends will actually support you? The decision is yours and yours alone! But still, there is a very, very good chance that the ones who are closest to you will stand by your side and support you, no matter what. Should you decide to keep a low profile and not reveal the fact that you are homosexual (just yet), then we advise you to get in touch with a homosexual support group where you will definitely get some valuable help and make some great friends as well. 

Many homosexual men who had to face the same problems will assure you that after they had accepted the fact that they are gay, they didn’t see any need to keep it a secret from their friends and the ones who are closest to them anymore.



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