Frottage: Arousal by rubbing

26.07.2011 | By: Antonio B

No, this is not a usual way of turning somebody on. It is a turn-on in public! Read more about it below.




The assumption that frottage is practised by men only is not true. Rubbing against somebody’s body also turns on a lot of women. (PhotoXpress)


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For those who have not heard of the word frottage, this is a special kind of masturbation which does not take place in the privacy of a home, hidden from others. Instead, it happens among people, possibly in an overcrowded public transport means.

Rubbing against clothing

The word derives from the French word “frotter”, which literally means “to rub”. Therefore, it is a fetish where people achieve sexual satisfaction by rubbing themselves against another person or a certain part of clothing. That is why the most suitable place to satisfy this deviant sexual need are buses, trains,  shops, discotheques and other public buildings where there is a great chance that it will be crowded. Various experts did not make mention of such a fetish for a long time because they were unaware of its existence. Upon the discovery, they first thought that men like to rub against the clothing and body of a woman. Therefore, they implied that the above fetish is of a heterosexual nature. That frottage is more a man’s thing and it includes rubbing against a naked woman’s body, or the clothing of a woman. Of course, the phenomenon was not common for men only, so an amended and a little less determining theory was suggested that orgasm is reached by rubbing against the clothing or body of an opposite-sex person.

Stranger’s body as a means of satisfaction

Frottage does not include a direct genital contact. It is a clandestine and camouflaged action which takes place incidentally. The person against who another person rubs is not even aware of that person’s masturbation because the whole matter happens in a crowded place and it therefore does not seem deviant and suspicious. It seems as if individuals are forced to be pressed against one another, but in fact they experience thrills. In most cases, the victims of frottage are women because men are more courageous in expressing this unusual fetish. It often happens that, besides rubbing, people are also turned on by the scent of a stranger. A less distinctive form of frottage is to masturbate by rubbing oneself against a person’s clothing. This specific piece of clothing has a certain erotic charge for an individual with the frottage fetish, either in terms of features of the clothing or the person it belongs to. Women’s panties and socks are the most popular pieces of clothing for frottagers. Of course, there is also the scent factor indicating the body of the person that the piece of clothing belongs to.

Can frottage bring you to the climax?

A direct genital contact, that means rubbing against the body of a person who is aware of it, is not a stealthy form of frottage. It is usually called petting, and teenagers often use it to substitute actual sexual intercourse. In his research, psychologist Yankowski found that 80 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women, included in his study, experience orgasm by direct genital frottage, or petting. However, they very rarely experience orgasm in stealthy frottage in public places for two reasons. The first is that the situation happens very quickly, almost instantaneously. The second is that the contact is not direct enough to trigger such masturbation. A person’s clothing is commonly used as a means of achieving climax and satisfying sexual desire. A fetishist takes a piece of clothing home and rubs in it.


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