Homosexuality Is Nothing Unusual in Nature

16.01.2013 | By: T. P.

Homosexuality is something natural that only some humans have a problem with.



homosexuality is natural

Homosexuality is natural as the air we breathe. (PhotoXpress)


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Zoologist Petter Böckman from the University of Oslo has found that approximately 1500 animal species are familiar with and practice same-sex bonding. Bears, gorillas, flamingos, owls and a number of other species. This is a scientific fact. In a zoo in New York, two penguins lived together for six years and in that time even took care of a young penguin. The egg was planted to them by a zoo keeper. Dolphins are also known for same-sex relationships, particularly at young age, and we are all familiar with the habit of cows - they persistently jump on one another. Such behavior among animals has often been documented.

The only phenomenon unique to the world of human beings is homophobia. Janet Mann, a biologist from the Georgetown University, presents an interesting view: “The intriguing question is why people are so disturbed by it. There are several theories. Some people believe that it interferes with the friendship bonds between men, as if you were not playing for the right team. It is funny when people say that homosexuality is unnatural, that it does not exist in nature, although this is not true. But if they do accept this fact, they will claim, in the same breath, that homosexuality is primitive and animal-like.”

Homophobia is so strong that it has also spread to scientific work. The scientists who research same-sex behavior are said to propagate homosexuality - some of their colleagues claim that their work cannot be credited any considerable weight.


A multilayered problem has arisen here. In a desire to “justify” or, on the other hand, "denigrate" homosexuality, scientists interpret every fact so that it supports their view on the topic. Homosexuality is something we cannot do away with even if some people feel the urge to do so - it needs neither justification nor acceptance. The fact that homosexuality is present among animals does not say anything about how it develops, or about how to face it in the world of human society. Unfortunately, the fact that two penguins took care of an egg does not help a teenager who is threatened with death by hanging because his heart aches for the boy from the neighboring village (this is the punishment for sodomy in some countries). Nor does the play of young dolphins help us understand why people are suddenly not interested in the opposite sex, or how to overcome oppositions in the society, and how to face the fact that we are different form others. On the other hand, we certainly shouldn't claim that homosexuality isn't natural.


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