Is It Good to Shave Private Parts?

10.01.2012 | By: Z. J.

Smooth as a baby’s bottom, landing strip, Chaplin’s mustache ... Read on and find out more about pros and cons of shaving the private parts.



shave private parts

People shave their private parts for aesthetic, hygienic and hedonistic reasons. (PhotoXpress)


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Aesthetic reasons: Lolitas vs. the hippie fetish

The reasons to shave your private parts are most often of an aesthetic nature: in porn, women are always smoothly shaved and that’s been accepted as a general beauty ideal. If someone likes the natural look of a woman's genitals, it almost sounds like a (hippie) fetish. Things have come so far that mothers exchange tips on shaving their 13-year-old daughters on forums, as some mothers assist their daughters, who are afraid that their friends would make fun of them.

Teenage girls used to be excited to enter the world of adults and their initiation into it was undoubtedly proven by pubic hair, but today they follow the example of their mothers who have accepted the ideal of a Lolita.

Real men (don’t) shave

Men shave as well, but not only at their partner’s request. Men’s reasons for shaving or not shaving their private parts concern their ideas about what it means to be a "real man":

a) a real man doesn’t shave his private parts because hairiness is the proof of his manliness,

b) a real man shaves his private parts because it makes his manhood look almost 0,8 inch (2 cm) bigger.

Hygiene depends on washing, not on shaving 

Some people believe that it’s hygienic to shave your private parts. This is more a feeling than a fact, because the smell of your genitals is more distinctive if you let your pubic hair grow. However, hygiene doesn’t depend on shaved or unshaven private parts, but on washing yourself regularly. If nothing else, the role of pubic hair is to prevent a direct contact between underwear and sensitive skin, which is important if you think of the numerous harmful chemicals or potential allergens present in clothes (washing powder and softeners). The hair also enables skin discharges to be distributed evenly on the skin and thus protect it, and not to be removed too quickly with underwear. If pubic hair had no role, evolution would probably eliminate it a long time ago.

Some shave their private parts to feel greater pleasure during intercourse

There’s another reason why people shave their private parts: they do it to increase their sexual pleasure, particularly in oral intercourse, which means the pleasure of both, the person who is shaved as well as his or her sexual partner. The former feels everything directly on the skin and the latter doesn’t have a mouth full of hair.

However, try massaging your forehead for a while. Then massage your scalp. The sensations on your scalp are usually more intense because hair transfers vibrations deeper in the skin. The same is true for pubic hair.


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