Does a Prostitute or a Client Present a Problem?

1.11.2011 | By: T. P.

Let’s once deal with prostitution from the perspective of those who use the services. Are there actually prostitutes in the trade of their own free will?



problem of prostitution

This is how we imagine a prostitute looks like. (PhotoXpress)


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“Free-will” prostitutes

Two parallel worlds exist in the mind of an average man. The general belief is that there are two types of prostitutes. The first come from eastern Europe and are forced into prostitution, otherwise they would starve to death. Instead, they choose lesser evil. On the other hand, there are those who are usually natives and do it to make extra money so they can pay for their holidays. Maybe all the above is true, but it’s almost impossible to determine who belongs to the first or second group. Both types of prostitutes do it because of some sort of distress. In addition, the existence of free-will prostitution is negligible and there’s usually an intimate circle of supply and demand. Otherwise pimps get involved and the vicious cycle is begins. However, the issue of clients remains whether a prostitute offers her body under her own free will or under constraint. Who are these people who pay for a body of another person to empty their testes, and who degrade a fellow human being to the level of an object and believe that it’s acceptable; moreover, that it’s even normal and legal? If there was no demand, free-will prostitutes also wouldn’t exist.

The problem of demand

I’ve been insinuating the whole time that maybe prostitution is dealt with in a wrong way, similar to the fight against crime, illegal drugs and alcohol. Women as victims of such actions receive help and people are sentenced to prison, but countries do very little to enable the development and normal life of their citizens. It’s definitely impermissible behavior if someone locks a 16-year old girl in a room of some house. And it’s horrible to force a woman to have sex with 15 men a day. It’s a mystery why these 15 men even do it. Who are they and why don’t they see the suffering, and why doesn’t this suffering bother them? Maybe they don’t want to see it because they’re “evil” or just blind. How can a man put 10 seconds of his pleasure before the dignity, health and rights of another person without having a guilty conscience? The answer to this question is the problem of all prostitution across the world. People who visit prostitutes are heartless, small and stupid people, and it would be appropriate to think about the punishment for them. Pimps and human traffickers are like entrepreneurs. They can be good entrepreneurs and take care of their business, or they can make money rapidly and are therefore ruthless. However, every company goes bankrupt if the products cannot be sold. So, prostitution could also become a marginal social phenomenon. Clients, men, could already have a significant influence on the phenomenon of prostitution. By avoiding foreign prostitutes, they would stop human trafficking. If countries cannot, or won’t, punish clients, let’s educate them and provide advice where they can find good prostitutes, free-will prostitutes, and how to recognize the girls who work under constraint, are kidnapped, beaten and raped. Clients themselves could raise the quality of prostitution if they showed a little taste and were more demanding to their suppliers. This is definitely an interesting idea.


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