Tears for Better Sex

8.05.2012 | By: T. P.

Sometimes tears are the only possible way to completely relax during sexual intercourse.



tears sex

Tears are a powerful aphrodisiac. (PhotoXpress)


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Tears of joy

Our emotions are deeply influenced by sexuality regardless of whether we are aware of it. If we use common sense, it seems that joy truly has a positive effect on our sex lives. Happy people are beautiful and they have a lot of positive energy. We rejoice in their happiness and the embrace of joy can easily turn into the embrace of delight.

Tears which well out in your partner’s eyes because of the emotional ecstasy and cause embarrassment show that the emotion is so strong that it controls your partner. The emotion can reach the level compared to sexual drive and the shift is possible. But joy is self-sufficient and it does not need anything. Happy people therefore do not feel horny. And when you watch a happy partner, you do not feel lust. Instead, you are happy and share your happiness with you partner.

Tears of sadness

Sadness is not a self-sufficient emotion. Tears of sadness are the highest degree of powerlessness of a human being. Your heart breaks and you cannot find comfort. Tears literally stream down your cheeks and the pain is immense. And the pain of sadness remains an island of genuineness, the place where there are no lies. Of course, you can shed fake tears, but you cannot imitate deep sadness. Such sadness needs comfort, it needs another human being. In a relationship, these moments are usually the time of separation. If partners have not showed their emotions to each other for several years, and if they have a superficial relationship, tears will wake them up. They show you that emotions are real and genuine and can hurt your partner, and there are still deep emotions presents in the relationship. And it is this knowledge that can awaken your unstoppable sex drive. Genuineness that you miss is revealed to you in all its glory and it awakens the same emotions in you. You want to console your partner and hug him or her, although you were the one who hurt him or her.

You are intoxicated by smell and tears have a powerful smell. You partner is completely powerless and fragile, and you do not know how to help him or her. You feel a strong pain and all you have left is to cry. Crying and kissing, kisses which drink tears and try to tell your partner that everything will be all right. There are still emotions, strong and deep, and you are sorry and want your partner to stop crying. Lips find lips and a hand finds a hand, and a tear melts with a tear. Powerlessness and pain leave you empty and you have to fill this with sexual drive or love, if you like. This is the moment when you could eat your partner and thus protect him or her against all the evil. You would consume your partner’s body and give him your strength. Such sex is unforgettable and you cannot repeat it. The discovery of love for which you had to dig a deep well, so deep that you found a stream of tears, is the greatest discovery of two individuals and it works miracles for a couple.

When a person only draws from tears

Everything is not so innocent. Some people are driven by tears of others. Their powerlessness makes them strong and the strength awakens an animal in them and rushes blood through the body. Only when they force the partner to cry, they feel alive. They have found something genuine and draw from that emotion as murders draw from innocent victims. They seek confirmation of love and only recognise it if they see somebody with a broken and destroyed heart. This is the only thing they accept as the evidence of love and the tension in trousers confirms that their belief is right. Such sex is considered violent and evil, and it make one person even more evil and gives that person the feeling of a divine power, while the other person feels low, powerless and exploited. Crying should not be the water which charges the power of another person. There is something seriously wrong with people who have these feelings.


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