The Dangers of Cyber Sex

30.08.2011 | By: Alex F.

At first glance, cyber sex seems completely harmless, but many people a deceived in the vicious cycle of addiction.



dangers of cyber sex

Access to the Internet promises heaven but it can also bring hell. (PhotoXpress)


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When a supplement turns into a substitute

Most people are “recreational users” of erotic websites. Similar to when you ended up in a pub to get together with your friends and drink alcohol or try your luck in a casino. All of the aforementioned have a harmful effect and excessive use leads to degradation of people. It involves a change to the way of thinking in the sense of “when a supplement turns into a substitute”. It definitely isn’t promising to be trapped in the porn-cyber world. Why?  Your thoughts are flooded with the images of women on screen, which causes problems with “optimization of your working tool”. When things finally get out of hand, you are in a similar state as cocaine addicts – focused only on your own pleasure.

Porn addicts lose the ability to feel intimacy

Don’t underestimate women. They will soon realize that during sexual intercourse you reconstruct the images of women and positions that you examined in the cyber environment. This, however, doesn’t create any problems as long as she – the woman in front of you – takes first place and isn’t only a substitute for porn websites. Porn addicts are supposed to be unable to feel intimacy and treat a woman’s body as an object.

The vicious cycle of cyber fantasies

Fantasies start intruding into the everyday life of men addicted to the cyber world, but they cannot act them out. However, they feel that they could act them out because they compare them with the ease of a click to the cyber world. They fail to behave reasonably, which brings negative consequences for women, since they might feel humiliated and betrayed, and at the same time, they try to attract men’s attention by competing with porn actresses who only “act” to attract their attention. Therefore, in that case, men are also deceived. If the abuse continues, it can break off a relationship. All this happens because of free-of-charge access to the Internet that promises heaven, but it can also bring hell.

Research about cyber world

Marcus Squirrell, a researcher with PhD from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, says that by presenting and examining this phenomenon they want to show the complete mental chaos of people who devote too much time to porn websites. They found that 27% of men were depressed and 35% of men were severely stressed. An additional cause of this phenomenon isn’t so much the abuse itself as it’s the absence of socializing with real people – seclusion and anti-social behaviour, which have the characteristics of a labyrinth. Moreover, maybe they compensate stressful situations in real life with the cyber world in order to reduce stress.


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