Why Do Men Like It When a Woman Swallows?

17.05.2011 | By: Izabela M

It’s a known fact that women drive men absolutely crazy during intercourse when they allow them to ejaculate into their mouth and swallow their sperm. Why is that so?



swallowing sperm

Some men think that only really naughty women swallow sperm. (Photoxpress)


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Swallowing sperm is the height of intimacy and a good sensation

Most men see swallowing sperm as an acceptance of their body, taste and smell. When a woman swallows sperm after an ejaculation, men see this as a very intimate act which makes them feel special. Besides, it’s also a great way to end fellatio. Many men reach a better orgasm when they don’t have to end penetration right before it and they don’t have to take the penis out of the vagina or the mouth. If the woman has reservations about swallowing sperm, she will, in most cases, also have a problem with direct ejaculation into her mouth.

Total commitment

Fellatio is an interesting power struggle, where both sides think they have control. On the one hand, the man thinks he is in charge, while his partner is on her knees and is working on his penis. On the other hand, the woman has the real power because she sets the pace of the game with her mouth and tongue. Oral intercourse is definitely about commitment of a higher degree and swallowing sperm serves only to spice this up even more. Sometimes a woman has reservations about swallowing sperm because she sees it as a sign of male egotism, selfish tendencies during intercourse and humiliation. This opinion is naturally wrong because it only represents his wish to accept him in his entirety.

Only really naughty women swallow sperm

While some men consider swallowing sperm an act of real intimacy, others see it as something only really naughty women do. Let’s face it, many women don’t enjoy this act in the least, the avoid it or they do it only for their partners. Many people think that only really naughty women, dirty girls and nymphomaniacs, who adore and want to ingest every last drop of sex, are capable of genuine pleasure when eating sperm. If you view it as a sign of total naughtiness, swallowing sperm can become a visual Viagra, which wakes up the desire for a new round of wild and hot intercourse.

Swallowing sperm is practical

Besides the fact that swallowing sperm can have various sexual and intimate undertones, it can also be practical from a certain point of view. For example, when you don’t have the chance to ejaculate into the vagina and you don’t have any tissues present or you don’t want to leave a mess behind after intercourse it’s most practical for the woman to simply swallow the sperm.

Some prefer it if the partner doesn’t swallow

In this group of men we would probably find old-school gentlemen who wouldn’t want to have their sperm swallowed mostly due to the respect for women. Some even claim that only actresses in porn movies do this and that their wives or partners are definitely not among them. Other reason for not swallowing sperm is kissing – men don’t want to kiss their partners after this act because of wetness around the woman’s mouth and the smell of sperm.


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