Why Do Women Fake Orgasms?

31.01.2012 | By: I. M.

Wouldn’t it be better if you told him the sex was terrible than to fake the orgasm? Read about the 5 most common reasons why women fake orgasms.



women fake orgasms

Unlike men, women can fake their orgasms. (PhotoXpress)


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Faking an orgasm does nothing more in the long run than bring dissatisfaction to a woman because she starts to feels she is not sexually satisfied. If you lie to your partner, he will never be able to figure out what makes you go weak at the knees. You also don’t give him a chance to try harder and improve himself. Instead, you are encouraging him to go in the opposite direction – you convince him that what he is doing is incredible. Despite this, almost every woman has faked an orgasm or two while some do it all the time. Some women are even better at faking an orgasm than reaching it. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

1. Reason why women fake orgasms: Bad sex

Let’s be honest. Not every sexual act is good. When a man really wants his partner to reach an orgasm and he tries as hard as he can but the woman still can’t get into the zone, intercourse can sometimes become boring to her. This often happens when the sex is superficial and the woman sees the act (consciously or subconsciously) as something tedious and she feels no special erotic connection to the man she is doing it with. If she knows that an orgasm is the only way to end this action, she has no other choice but to fake it.

2. Reason why women fake orgasms: The orgasm isn’t coming

It’s hard to deal with women who have a hard time reaching an orgasm or even never reach it. You have to know them well, listen to their bodies and play the notes that turn them on. Sometimes women are ashamed of this characteristic so they don’t tell their partners about it and they rather fake an orgasm than face hundreds of questions about why they never reach a climax.

3. Reason why women fake orgasms: Lack of time

Faking an orgasm because there is no time for sex is typical of women who are rational and career-oriented. Many people would also call them realists. When it comes to counting down the last minutes of intercourse, they can’t relax because they can hardly wait for the intercourse to pass, so they can focus on their responsibilities. They view sex as just one more thing on their tight work schedule, instead of seeing it as something they could enjoy and something that would relax them. Because they feel no real, unlimited and free relaxation in such intercourse, they often fake their orgasms. It’s also true that women in such circumstances often don’t care whether they reach an orgasm or not.

4. Reason why women fake orgasms: The mood isn’t right

Even though there’s an urban myth that men are more horny than women, you shouldn’t be naive and believe it blindly. According to the general statistics, it’s true that men are much hornier than women and that unlike women they are always up for it. But the idea is flawed. Both men and women are not always in the mood, no matter how much their partners try to convince them to have sex. It may happen that the excuse of having a headache will not work and women eventually relent and have sex. In case the woman stays in her previous mood despite the hot action, she might want to make the action during the sheets stop as soon as she can. How? By faking an orgasm.

5. Reason why women fake orgasms: As a compliment

A man who doesn’t know what he is doing can be very cute. In such case it is much better if the woman tries to instruct her partner and resort to acting only if nothing else works. Many times, the lessons about her erogenous zones, clitoris, vagina and so on turn into something totally different than what she expected and the man can turn into a freshman taking a tough exam or an engineer without spontaneity instead of becoming a great, experienced and well-taught lover. If nothing else, women can fake it as a sign of gratitude for all the trouble the man has gone through because he followed the class diligently and because he worked so hard to make her come.

Anyway, just like the mountain won't come to Muhammad, the orgasm will also not come on its own accord, unless you do something about it. For a start, it will be enough if you tell your partner what feels good to you. If you find it hard to put it into words, you can also show him how you do it when you’re alone – this will arouse him even more and it will also bring pleasure to you. Don’t fake an orgasm! Have fun in bed with your partner, focus on your feelings and don’t concern yourself with reaching an orgasm. Enjoy the sex itself and if you reach an orgasm, so much the better.


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