Why do women love or hate anal sex?

9.11.2009 | By: K. Ž.

Some women are crazy about anal sex and simply love it, others don't even want to think about it. The article reveals some reasons why anal sex is so (un)popular among the gentler sex!



There are two sorts of women: those who love anal sex and those who can't imagine themselves doing it. (jlp)

There are two sorts of women: those who love anal sex and those who can't imagine themselves doing it. (jlp)


Anal sex rouses mixed feelings among people. Men are usually in favor of it while women basically fall in two groups: those who just can't get enough of it and those who don't want anything coming within 10 yards of their anus. The most common reason for the latter is usually the anticipation of pain (or experience of it) since anal sex can be really painful if you don't do it in a proper and gentle way. Some men consider anal sex to be based on the same »principle« as vaginal – »in and out«, but with anal penetration, this just doesn't work. If you take it up in such a manner, you will probably never want to repeat it again. Or at least as long as your partner needs to put the painful experience behind them. The rest of this article discusses the reasons why women love or hate anal sex, and how to take it up so that it'll be pleasant and enjoyable for you both.


Women love anal sex because …

 …They enjoy it.

Anal sex can provide you both with incredible sensations and enjoyment on condition that it's done right. Women can experience sensations that are not even close to what they are used to feeling when having vaginal sex or when their clitoris is being stimulated. When the rectum is ready for penetration, it will literally swallow the penis and just won't be able to get enough of it. A simultaneous stimulation of the vagina or clitoris can provide women with a level of enjoyment they've never experienced before.

…It’s naughty.

People love to be naughty from time to time by indulging in things that are considered taboos or by crossing the line of what is commonly accepted in our society. Anal sex definitely is a bit of both, and there are many prejudices and stereotypes attached to it. That's why enjoying a sex practice that many people never dare or want to try can be so exciting. Nobody else will know about it and this little secret of yours can bring you closer together.





If anal sex is done the right way, it can be extremely enjoyable. (jlp)

If anal sex is done the right way, it can be extremely enjoyable. (jlp)




Women hate anal sex because …

…It’s painful.

If not taken up properly, anal sex can be rather painful for women, so never think of it the way you think of vaginal penetration. Instead, be very slow and gentle. We advise you to use a whole lot of lubricant – keep applying it until you get the feeling you are exaggerating. Bear in mind that rectum can't provide any lubrication itself. To avoid pain, don’t approach (or even come near) her anus, until she is really aroused and almost begs you to penetrate. Before you do that, make sure you are both completely relaxed as well: massaging and kissing her anal area will help you make her feel safe and relaxed. Don't forget that a relaxed atmosphere is key for enjoying painless anal sex.

... She might be concerned about cleanliness.

Women spend a lot of time making themselves look tidy, neat and clean, they always have to smell nice and look perfect in every way. A single attempt at anal sex can destroy their perfect looks. Anal sex, mind you, may be quite unpleasant from the visual perspective since it can easily happen that your penis will come out in a bad need of a wash (if the anus is not taken care of beforehand …) Well, remember that this is as human as it gets since we all use our guts primarily to secrete. An effective anal shower should do if you want to avoid such a situation. You may even try to incorporate it into your foreplay...

The don’ts of anal sex

The first rule, of course, is never to approach her anus unless she agrees to it. You might see the unexpected »attack« as a pleasant surprise, but believe us – she won't like it, be it your penis, your fingers or anything else you stick into her anus. Do not ejaculate into her anus unless you have her consent, because the mixing of semen and anal substances can cause irritation in her guts. Enjoy her generosity and courage to have let you closer to her butt and behave accordingly – with a great deal of respect, patience and tenderness!




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