Women Can Be Turned on Even by Sex among Animals

28.02.2012 | By: T. P.

Would you like to know what is it that men and women often watch to arouse themselves? Sex among animals can also be a turn-on. Read about it in the article.



sexual arousal 1A Canadian study has pointed out some interesting aspects of female sexuality. (PhotoXpress)
sexual arousal 2Women don't use erotic magazines and porn as much as men do, but that doesn't mean that these don't turn them on. (PhotoXpress)
sexual arousal 3Women can be turned on by a lot more things than you think! (PhotoXpress)
sexual arousal 1
sexual arousal 2
sexual arousal 3


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Men supposedly understand sexuality in a more visual manner than women. The latest study showed that this is not quite true. Women are also immensely aroused by watching sexual activity.

The study was conducted in Canada, at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Psychologist and leader of the project, Meredith Chivers, together with her colleagues published a study which included 100 women and men. Participants were both heterosexually and homosexually oriented. They measured the level of sexual arousal of participants while they were watching various movies with sexual content, sex between two people (a homosexual couple and a heterosexual couple), masturbation by a woman and masturbation by a man, naked people exercising and, in addition, the mating of two bonobo apes, which are similar to chimpanzees.

The participants were the least aroused by the exercise of naked people, and the most aroused by sexual intercourse. In men, the level of arousal was influenced by the person participating in sexual intercourse. Heterosexual men were aroused by female masturbation, heterosexual intercourse, and they were less aroused by the exercise of naked women and almost nothing happened during apes having sex. Homosexual men were aroused by male masturbation, homosexual intercourse, the exercise of naked men, but they were not interested in the apes.

In women, the picture was different. They were aroused by the sexual act itself, irrespective of participants! They were also aroused by male and female masturbation as well as the mating of apes. Homosexual women were an exception, as they did not respond to male masturbation and the naked exercise.

Men like to believe that female sexuality is too complicated and connected with unfamiliar emotional spheres and “femininity”. The study, including a hundred people, is not quite representative, but it still gives a new insight on experiencing female sexuality. The fact that women watch films, read magazines and look at pictures that have erotic content more seldom does not mean that they are not turned on by them. In certain moments, women are aroused by everything, regardless of the connection with sexuality, and that is why their sex life is infinitely more complex and deep than sex life of men.


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