12 Facts Patients with Heart Disease Need to Know

4.03.2013 | By: Alex F.

Patients with heart disease fear sex. Let’s see why it’s reasonable for the, to get rid of such fears.



patients with heart disease

You shouldn’t give up your sex life unless your GP orders you that. (PhotoXpress)


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It’s good to know that sexual disorders that accompany numerous serious diseases don’t always develop directly because of an organic cause, but that there are other factors that are also important. Doctors, patients with heart disease and their partners often forget that.

In heart and vascular diseases, such as angina pectoris, mitral stenosis, after the insertion of a pacemaker, after heart valve surgery, in Leriche syndrome ... Researchers report that in the case of damage to the abdominal aorta and a suitable operation, 30% of men lose the ability to ejaculate and 20% of men become impotent. Patients with heart disease who suffer from sexual disorders need explicit instructions and advice. In the next paragraphs, we present those that are considered reliable:

1.    Sexual activity has never been harmful for a normally healthy heart. Healthy sexuality and active sex life probably even have a beneficial effect and protect you against a heart attack and other heart diseases.

2.    A physical strain during sexual intercourse and physiological reactions during an orgasm (heart rate and blood pressure) are much lower from the strain that a man stands that day on a walk, at the workplace, or during climbing stairs. If a man can walk easily to the second floor, he won’t die from masturbation or sexual intercourse with his wife.

3.    Patients with heart disease should consult their GP about the right time to start having sex after a heart attack. Normally, you have to wait a maximum of 8 to 10 weeks, but not too long (sexual desire starts decreasing after a long period of sex abstinence).

4.    Only few people die because of a heart attack during sexual intercourse. Statistics show that 6 in 1000 people who had a heart attack die in sexual intercourse. In that context, an important fact is that 77% of those people die in the arms of a mistress or prostitute. It seems that among married people who had a heart attack fidelity is recommended.

5.    Patients with heart disease who die during sexual intercourse because of a heart attack “choose” a very nice way of dying. Namely, it could happen that they would die after a few hours or days even if they didn’t have sex.

6.    Many people think that the position where a woman is on top of a man is safer in sexual intercourse after a heart attack. Detailed studies showed that, except in very severe cases, all positions are equally safe for patients with heart disease, or that they all place the same strain on a man.

7.    Male patients with heart disease who eagerly participate in the rehabilitation process after a heart attack and who build up their physical strength experience fewer difficulties in sexual intercourse (for example chest pain, breathing and increased heart rate).

8.    It’s very important that men who had a heart attack don’t eat or drink too much before having sexual intercourse.

9.    If a man who had a heart attack feels any pain or other alarming physical sensations during sexual intercourse, he has to cease sexual activity immediately and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

10.    Sexual disorders after a heart attack are commonly associated with feelings of depression and guilt, concerns regarding life and job, etc. Such patients with heart disease have to see a psychotherapist.

11.    Drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure can decrease sexual desire and cause problems related to impotence and orgasm. The problems you have depend on the type of drugs, their doses and your age.

12.    In cardiovascular diseases, sexual disorders can also be a result of the partner’s abnormal reactions. Many partners of patients with heart disease feel depressed, insecure, overly concerned for the patient’s health and similar, which hinders their normal sex life.


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