Sexual Health

negative effects of masturbation

Are You Aware of the Negative Effects of Masturbation?


Did you know that masturbation can also have negative effects? Read about them in the article.

intimate hygiene on journey

Intimate Hygiene on a Journey


Read about all the things you have to be careful about when it comes to intimate hygiene on a...

VIDEO: Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


What you should ask your physician, how do you treat erectile dysfunction, and how dangerous...

Is Your Penis Bent?


Peyronie's disease is usually caused by awkward injuries to the penis and has extremely unpleasant...

40 Years without Orgasm


Is that even possible? Of course it’s possible. The condition is called anorgasmia.

Causes of Male and Female Infertility


Check out which 6 factors are the most harmful to male fertility.

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