Frigidity Is the Most Common Sexual Dysfunction in Women

24.09.2012 | By: Antonio B

Frigidity: A woman can’t become aroused enough for sexual intercourse, there’s no real response to penetration and no chance to reach an orgasm.




Frigidity or hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a very serious problem that has to be resolved on an individual basis. (PhotoXpress)


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The wrong idea about frigidity

HSDD doesn’t include instances when a woman lacks sexual desire because she’s exhausted or perhaps ill, when children bang on the door of the bedroom, if she has problems at work and if she’s intimately involved with a man who doesn’t sexually arouse her. The majority of men have the completely wrong idea about women. They think that they’re like a machine in which you insert a coin. In that case, the penis represents the coin that starts the machine, meaning that it’s enough for women to feel sexual desire if they have the penis inside their vagina and they’ll be able to achieve an orgasm. That’s not HSDD, my dear ladies. That’s just a man who doesn’t have the faintest clue about sex and your body. You also don’t have HSDD if you don’t achieve orgasm every time you have sexual intercourse. If HSDD included all these instances, every other woman in the world would be frigid. You also don’t have this sexual dysfunction if you don’t respond to a man who’s awkward and doesn’t know how to use his penis, or is in a hurry and only thinks of himself. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is something completely different, a much more serious matter. In short, if a woman truly suffers from this sexual dysfunction, she can’t enjoy sexual intercourse despite the fact that she loves her partner and doesn’t have any fear of having sex.

You have to find the right solution

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a different problem than impotence, which is usually caused by nervousness and other trivial things. HSDD is specific for every woman, so it’s difficult to find the right solution in a book or advice of a friend. Certain rare cases of HSDD are easily solved. For instance, the contraceptive pill is often the cause of low sexual desire as well as pregnancy and motherhood, or the pain experienced during penetration. All these problems can be solved by a gynecologist and represent obvious reasons for a low libido and the inability to achieve orgasms. If your problems have no connection with the above, and if you have a partner with whom you can openly talk about sex and your problems, and you’ve already eliminated factors that make you sexually cold, but you still don’t feel satisfied by anything, it’s best that you make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist, who you can tell all your troubles in confidence. The combination of physical and psychological causes of HSDD is very complicated, so we can’t give any useful advice that would truly help you.

Masturbation may save you

The only technique that might be effective and is worth trying is to slowly explore your body. In women, masturbation is largely the process of constant exploring, as opposed to men, and a lot of women learn more about the responses of their body by masturbating. You can also use a vibrator to trigger the sexual feeling and remind yourself of penetration with your partner’s penis. When you discover a stimulation that gives you pleasure, whether you do it yourself or your partner stimulates you, include it in sexual intercourse and use it in full. Try to find out what you like and what satisfies you. Experiment by playing roles and use your imagination. If you still don’t become aroused, see a professional couple’s counselor together with your partner.


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