The lack of sexual lust in women

23.04.2012 | By: S. M.

Do not despair, but make sure you find the true cause at work. Due to lack of sexual lust a relationship suffers too.



lack of sexual lust



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40% of women between the age of 30 and 45, and 86% of women after the age of 60 lose sexual desire. More and more frequently younger women suffer from the lack of sexual lust because of personal overload and hormonal changes.

Though libido in women frequently falls due to mental causes, hormone imbalance can also cause the lack of sexual lust. Already a small amount of the male hormone testosterone can help a woman relive a pleasurable and full sex life she had before.

‘Many women consider the lack of sexual lust as something that simply cannot be changed, which causes them a lot of suffering,’ says one of many gynaecologists specialists. ‘They know not there are many ways to solve the problem.’

There are numerous causes

Women frequently lose sexual lust due to ovary operation as it can happen that the male hormone testosterone is no longer secreted due to the peripheral nervous system disorders. Lack of sexual lust can also be due to some medication treatments, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy, thyroid gland problems or relationship problems.

Due to lack of sexual lust a relationship suffers too

Loss of sexual lust in women is accompanied by bad mood, exhaustion and long-lasting sadness. Having no desire for sex, women avoid the closeness of their partner and keep to themselves. Long-lasting retreat can threaten the relationship since the partners being distressed and estranged find no solution for their problem. It is important they talk honestly to each other and find the true cause for the situation with the help of a therapist.


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