Young people, think before you jump under the sheets!

22.07.2009 |

Many young people find themselves under the sheets too early because of the fear of being ridiculed by others if they prolong their first sexual experience for too long.





Researches have shown that almost 2/3 of teenagers younger than 17 have not yet had their first sexual experience while those who have had it regret having entered sexuality while so young and reckless.




The sad part of the situation is that many of those who have had sexual intercourses before the age of 17 had their first sexual experience under the influence of alcohol and with a person they had no feelings for.

In one of the European countries the problem will be dealt with the help of a campaign during which radio and TV commercials as well as posters in toilets of night bars and clubs will call for reconsideration of the first time sex. The purpose is to awaken self-respect of the young and warn them of entering sex prematurely. A part of the campaign is thus promotion of safe sex. Most teenagers use no protection whatsoever while having their first sexual experiences.




We certainly hope the campaign will help calm down many teenage hormones running wild, and so prevent some of sexually transmitted diseases or even unwanted pregnancies, which are very frequent with the young.

And how about you? Do you regret your first sexual experience?


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