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Out yourself, but be prepared

T. P. ::  5.05.2010 08:05
out yourself

Do you want to be rid of the pressure? Do you not want to live in lie any more? We have prepared some advice on how to out yourself to your family and the world. This article will prepare you for the possible reactions.

Why you should out yourselfAs a homosexual you carry a great burden and one of the most difficult steps you have to take is to out yourself and reveal your sexual tendencies to loved ones and the world. Here are a few reasons why outing yourself it is important: it is easier to meet people of the same tendenciesyou can have better relations with your family and friends based on what we really areyou and your partner can attend family celebrationsyou can stop changing...Out yourself, but be prepared

Is Anal Intercourse Reserved for Homosexuals?

T. B. :: 17.12.2009 17:12
reserved for

Are homosexually oriented men really the ones to practice anal sex more than anyone else? The statistics show differently.

Many people believe that men who want to have anal sex are queer and that the "anal" inclination is something abnormal. Such views are deeply rooted in the minds of a great number of people. The connection between anal intercourse and homosexual orientation is definitely not as direct and clear-cut as the majority would like to believe. Anal sex is merely one of the existing paths to human sexual satisfaction – as vaginal sex or oral sex, and for the sake of variety we...Is Anal Intercourse Reserved for Homosexuals?

Heterosexual men also have sex with men!

Z.J. :: 18.08.2009 08:08
men sexual intercourse with men

Some men need more from their friend than just watching a game together and drinking beer.

The term latent or “closet” gay is very frequently used. Despite the relatively improved situation of gays, there are still a lot of those who don’t make the decision to come out. But we won’t talk about them in this article. They aren’t latent gays, they only sleep with men  There’s nothing unusual about women, heterosexuals, hugging, kissing and caressing other women. On the other hand, men only show tenderness to other men in the form of tapping on their shoulders...Heterosexual men also have sex with men!

When a man loves another man

Tanja Foršek :: 16.12.2008 06:12
When a man loves another man

Does the above title raise prejudices in you? Does it seem immoral? Do you see it as something taken for granted or normal?

Every one of us probably has a different answer. It depends on various factors, for instance, the environment we live in, socialisation and, of course, personal characteristics of an individual. Let us therefore examine some facts that will help reveal the secret of homosexuality and thus dispel the fear against the unknown. Why are some people homosexually oriented? Homosexuality, that is, emotional and physical attraction to the same sex, is a...When a man loves another man


Valentine’s day massacre!

Tjaša Babič :: 25.10.2008 06:10
Valentine’s day massacre!

Murder out of hatred towards homosexuals, which happened in the US, showed us a picture, we do not want to see. Do not miss this shocking story!

Before you continue to guess which backward country was the scene of the crime, let me put you out of your misery – it all happened in the US. Before you try to guess the century – it all happened this year, yes, in 2008! Lawrence King (15), a schoolboy of an elementary school in California, asked the boy he fancied if he would be his Valentine. This all happened just a few days before the Valentine’s Day in front of other boys in the schoolyard. This earned him two shots...Valentine’s day massacre!


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