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Wine keeps a man's penis hard for a longer time

Z.J. :: 30.01.2012 06:01
red wine erection

In Italy, researchers have proved that drinking moderate amounts of red wine improves sex life.

  Join us on Facebook!   Chianti and female sexuality A study recently conducted by Dr. Nicola Mondaini at Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital in Florence showed that red wine has a beneficial effect on the sex life of women. The study included 789 women aged between 18 and 50 from the Chianti region in Tuscany (yes, the region after which wine is named). Women completed the questionnaire Female Sexual Function Index, which is focused on 6 aspects of sexuality. The...Wine keeps a man's penis hard for a longer time

5 Exercises for Sex that Can Substitute the Pills

Z. J. :: 26.12.2011 07:12
exercises for sex

Venture into the gym instead of the drugstore! We present 5 most effective exercises for sex, to be precise - exercises for a long and satisfying sex life.

  Join us on Facebook!   Every form of exercise is good for your general health and fitness, which also makes a great starting point for a satisfactory sex life. However, there are some exercises that are especially recommendable if you want to spice up and enliven your sex life, as they enhance your endurance in bed, the flexibility of your body and even the technique itself. Exercises for physical strength What we have in mind by exercises for strength...5 Exercises for Sex that Can Substitute the Pills

Stronger and Longer Erection with the Deer Exercise

T. G. ::  3.08.2011 09:08
deer exercise

We present a piece of eastern knowledge - the deer exercise, which will be very useful for men.

  Join us on Facebook!   The deer exercise means effective and very simple training, which heals or strengthens the prostate, prevents uncontrolled ejaculation of sperm or premature ejaculation (the exercise enables us to completely control it), improves one's sexual function (it eventually heals impotence and strengthens erection), revitalizes the organism and enables you to feel a powerful and long (as much as you want) orgasm, which is much stronger and...Stronger and Longer Erection with the Deer Exercise

Erection That Doesn't Seem to End

T. P. :: 18.07.2011 06:07

A neverending erection is no blessing, it is a serious and harmful disease called priapism. A man suffering from priapism requires immediate medical care.

  Join us on Facebook!   Priapism is a long-lasting and painful erection that one cannot control. It is not connected with sexual desire or arousal. The cause of an erection that doesn't end is damage to the outflow of blood from the penile veins, i.e. the blood in the penis is trapped and unable to return to the circulation. There may be several causes for this. Priapism can be a result of the tumor in the urethra in cancer patients, or it can be a result...Erection That Doesn't Seem to End

The Dark Side of Viagra

T. P. ::  8.03.2011 11:03
dark side of Viagra

Sexuality rediscovered with recourse to Viagra causes more problems than one would expect. Learn more about the dark side of Viagra.

  Join us on Facebook!   The male body as well as the female body are subject to a completely natural process called aging. Sexual desire decreases and aging also brings diseases that make sex life additionally more difficult: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and poor psycho-physical condition, all of which contribute to abandoning sexuality. When they are older, women experience the transition to menopause that completely changes their sex life. These are...The Dark Side of Viagra

Priapism: Persistent Erection

K. Z. ::  3.01.2011 16:01

Priapism is a persistent, usually painful, erection which it is not connected to sexual arousal.

If you ever had an erection that lasted for an unusually long period of time and it was not a consequence of sexual arousal or an overdose of pills for treating erectile dysfunction, then it is completely possible that you were suffering from priapism. In this case it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible. If you think it is embarrassing to come to the hospital with an erection in your pants, not treating the condition can cause serious and permanent consequences....Priapism: Persistent Erection

How to Combat a Spontaneous Erection?

T. B. :: 23.08.2010 06:08
spontaneous erection

Spontaneous erection is an unwanted erection that can be very uncomfortable, so we are offering some advice on how to cover it or make it go away.

Spontaneous erections are a part of sexual development Spontaneous erections can be very uncomfortable but they are a normal part of sexual development. They occur most often in puberty because of the hormones running wild. The body must compensate for this and one side effect is a spontaneous erection. They almost always occur for no real reason at the most inappropriate times, at the most inappropriate places and cause us problems, awkward moments and worries. And...How to Combat a Spontaneous Erection?

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