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A Kiss Is the Most Intimate Element of Intercourse

Alex F. ::  3.02.2012 07:02
a kiss

A kiss is much more than just the exchange of saliva ...

  Join us on Facebook!   Because we all kiss, we’ve all wondered what happens to our bodies during a kiss. A kiss is often described as the arousal of our lust. It has a delightful, delicious and healing effect on our bodies. A kiss is an act of a sort of serene intimacy and it often stirs something erotic in a person. The duration plays an important role: a kiss can be short, cold, calm and refreshing, it can be long and fiery, with lots of saliva and it can...A Kiss Is the Most Intimate Element of Intercourse

Why Do People Kiss?

Alex F. ::  4.10.2011 06:10
why do people kiss

Everyone likes to kiss. But why do people kiss in the first place?

  Join us on Facebook!   Why do people kiss? Theories... 1. Kissing addiction: It sounds as if this is a conspiracy theory because this theory explains how we’re all addicted to a chemical produced by the human body and secreted by the lips. So, supposedly we kiss only to get enough of this substance. We could also call this primal addiction. 2. Kiss of the soul: A much more elegant, but not very believable theory comes from a belief that people used to think...Why Do People Kiss?

7 Beneficial Effects of Kissing

S. S. :: 14.03.2011 07:03
kissing effects

Did you know that kissing can have beneficial effects on your health? You can find out more about it below.

  Join us on Facebook!   If you want to get a kiss, you have to give it first. That’s the system of reciprocity. In most countries around the world, it’s usually not common to kiss people at random, so don’t run off on a stranger-kissing spree after reading this article! What’s a kiss? Here’s a nice definitions for you: “A kiss is a pleasant and unobtrusive message that two united heads are better than one lonely head.” A kiss reveals many hidden things. If you...7 Beneficial Effects of Kissing

A Short History of the Kiss

T. F. :: 25.02.2011 09:02
history of the kiss

Why did people start kissing? Read and learn more about the history of the kiss.

  A Short History of the Kiss According to a legend, the kiss was invented by mediaeval knights because they wanted to find out if their wives drank mead when they were away on their duties. Another story says that in the past, some young girls believed that a baby is a result of passionate kissing. This mentality helped to preserve the kiss and make it more popular. However, the most plausible explanation of the source of the kiss is the relationship between...A Short History of the Kiss

Benefits of Kissing: Higher Sexual Desire and Less Stress

Z. J. :: 22.06.2010 06:06
benefits of kissing

Usually, sweet things are unhealthy, but fortunately, that is not the case with kissing. Read about the benefits of kissing.

Love is not the only thing that makes a kiss sweet and exciting – hormones also help. A study, conducted a few years ago, tried to show the benefits of kissing on a person by measuring the activity of the heart and brain. During kissing, the change in the activity of the heart and brain was smaller than the change in the activity caused by eating chocolate, but the researcher managed to prove that the exchange of wet kisses transfers more testosterone between the...Benefits of Kissing: Higher Sexual Desire and Less Stress

A Kiss Like No Other – Interesting Facts About Kissing

P.D. :: 17.06.2010 22:06
facts about kissing

What can a kiss cause and where does all the tradition come from? Read the interesting facts about kissing below...

You have probably heard that passionate kissing burns calories. The researchers do not agree on precisely how many calories, some of them think it is around 4,6 calories per minute while the others claim that kissing burns up to 12 calories per second. Kissing is definitely good for health. Below we present some more interesting facts about kissing which you surely haven't heard. Facts about kissing: The history of kissing Kissing had different meanings throughout the...A Kiss Like No Other – Interesting Facts About Kissing

The Signs And Symptoms of Mononucleosis

J.P. :: 15.06.2010 05:06
signs symptoms mononucleosis

Mononucleosis or the kissing disease is transmitted by saliva and it most often occurs among young people between 15 and 25 years of age. Read about the signs and symptoms in the article below.

How can you get infected with mononucleosis? Mononucleosis is mostly caused by the Epstein-Barr virus which is found in saliva of most people during one part of their life, but not everybody gets infected. The virus is transmitted by saliva and that is how the kissing disease got its informal name. The virus can also be transmitted by using the same glass or spoon which was already used by somebody else. Virus can be present in saliva of the infected person even...The Signs And Symptoms of Mononucleosis

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