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Dear men, give her your anus

Antonio B ::  8.03.2013 07:03
stimulating the anus

Dear lads, relax, offer her your anus and enjoy the things she comes up with.

  Join us on Facebook!   Stimulating the anus with the finger A woman’s hand tends to also wander onto the balls and the inner side of the thighs during oral intercourse. That’s why it’s not weird if it also wanders onto the anus. Dear men, don’t flinch and don’t be frightened, she means you no harm. She just wants to stimulate your anal cavity with her finger. She wants to rub it and see how it pleases you. She must lick her finger first and do it very gently,...Dear men, give her your anus

Learn to Massage the Male G-Spot!

T. P. :: 25.04.2012 07:04
male G-spot massage

There is so much talk about the clitoris and the female G-spot, but not many couples dare conquer the male G-spot.

  Join us on Facebook!   Outer massage of the male G-spot The outer massage of the male G-spot can be the first step towards new adventures in your sexual life. A man who totally trusts you can still be embarrassed when your hand wanders a bit too close to his anal cavity. Besides the prejudice concerning anal intercourse, many men are also concerned about hygiene and the sensations themselves aren’t pleasant. The sensations are new and thus unpleasant for...Learn to Massage the Male G-Spot!

How to Find the Prostate Spot (the Male G Spot)

T. P. ::  1.06.2011 07:06
prostate spot

The male G spot is just another name for the prostate spot. Would you like to learn how to find it?

  Join us on Facebook!   The easy way to go about this is masturbation. Although most heterosexual men don't want to hear anything about the penetration into their anus, the path to the prostate spot will only be possible through the "ring of fire." You can use a dildo as an aid for the anal stimulation, or a finger, of course. After a shower, put yourself in a comfortable position. It's best if you lie down on your back and bend your knees. Since pleasure is...How to Find the Prostate Spot (the Male G Spot)

Don't Hesitate to Offer Her Your Buttocks!

A. B. ::  8.01.2010 12:01
your buttocks

Numerous women dream of enjoying their man’s buttocks in one way or another, and giving vent in this area which is highly controversial for many men.

Fondling of buttocks isn't reserved only for homosexual men Most men are convinced that the pleasures derived from the buttocks are the domain of gay men and that they would actually show their female partner their latent homosexual tendencies by agreeing to participate in anything remotely "anal". However, such worries of men are completely superfluous and your partner will be very happy if you offer her your buttocks and encourage her to perform various devilries. Start...Don't Hesitate to Offer Her Your Buttocks!

Surprise Him with a Free Prostate Massage

Izabela M :: 16.10.2009 09:10
free prostate massage

A free prostate massage is the dream of any man who likes his anal region to be fondled. How about giving your man a free prostate massage?

A free prostate massage for a wonderful partner Although a lot of men would press their buttocks tightly together if anyone would mention anything like a free prostate massage in their vicinity, the orgasm that one can experience thanks to a sensual prostate massage could make a whole bunch of them change their minds. Many still regard the stimulation of the anus as an act reserved exclusively for the homosexual male population, but they are quite mistaken. A free prostate...Surprise Him with a Free Prostate Massage

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