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"Hands off my pregnant belly!"

Z.J. ::  1.09.2010 00:09
pregnant belly

Does everybody think they can touch your pregnant belly all over the place? Check out these witty tips for keeping tiresome and tactless people away from your sensitive pregnant belly!

In younger teenage years your peers might have been touching you, a couple of years later some drunkards from the local disco attempted to grab you, and everybody was perfectly aware of the fact that they’re doing something inappropriate. When your pregnant belly popped out, touching suddenly became appropriate and it appeared as everyone were allowed to do it, even the granny next door.  Pregnant belly - A gift for everybody or your personal space? Extrovert women..."Hands off my pregnant belly!"


Pregnancy Risks for Older Women

J.B. :: 12.08.2010 06:08
pregnancy risks

Pregnancy risks get higher with age and women who are older than 35 years experience more troubles during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy and health risks for women at forty It is much harder for middle-aged women to get pregnant because fertility decreases with age and the organism gradually loses its vitality, which also includes the ovaries. Pregnancy in the late thirties increases the possibility of having twins. The egg quality reduces with age and the body responds by releasing more eggs at single ovulation. Tiredness, which is a normal factor in every woman's life, is greater during...Pregnancy Risks for Older Women


4 Most Common Pregnancy Problems

S. B. ::  6.08.2010 06:08
pregnancy problems

Read about the most common pregnancy problems: Urinating troubles, haemorrhoids, heartburn and painful gums.

1. Pregnancy problem: Urinating troubles Frequent urinating is a common pregnancy problem and it occurs because the uterus is pressing on the bladder. If an inflammation of the bladder occurs it has to be treated as a serious problem. If it is not treated a premature birth can occur. The most frequent symptoms of this pregnancy problem are painful or burning urinating, but some women do not experience any symptoms despite the inflammation. It is therefore...4 Most Common Pregnancy Problems


How Can You Tell If You Have an Ectopic Pregnancy?

I. M. :: 22.07.2010 06:07
Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy can be very dangerous. A pregnant woman can even bleed to death in several hours.

What is an ectopic pregnancy? As the term implies – an ectopic pregnancy means a pregnancy that develops outside the womb. It occurs if a fertilised egg is not implanted normally in the womb, but it starts developing elsewhere, in the lower part of your abdomen. The embryo of such a conception is abnormal and cannot develop into the fetus. The egg is most often implanted in the fallopian tubes, and it can also often stop in the ovaries or is implanted in the bowel. You can...How Can You Tell If You Have an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Do's and Don'ts During Pregnancy

S.J. ::  8.07.2010 06:07
do's and don'ts during pregnancy

Here we provide answers to 5 questions over which pregnant women are often puzzled. Read about the do's and don'ts during pregnancy.

Do's and don'ts during pregnancy: Car travel Physicians advise that you always wear a seatbelt, namely, loosely above your thighs and more firmly across the chest. The same applies to the time when you are nine months pregnant, although then it is recommended that you stay at home because you never know when the baby will start kicking and when the labor might start. Do's and don'ts during pregnancy: Air travel If traveling by plane, it is very important that the plane...Do's and Don'ts During Pregnancy

Would You Recognise the First Signs of Pregnancy?

Z.J. :: 30.06.2010 06:06
First signs of pregnancy

A woman’s body starts to show the signs that she is expecting a baby very soon. How to recognize the first signs of pregnancy?

A missed period Although a missed period is not always necessarily associated with pregnancy, pregnancy is always associated with a missed period. Many women can mistake bleeding when the fertilised egg implants for a weak period, while some women know that they are pregnant even before they have missed their period. Morning sickness Although it is called morning sickness, it may occur at any time during the day. Morning sickness is one of the very first signs of...Would You Recognise the First Signs of Pregnancy?

Should a Pregnant Vegan Stop Being Vegan?

Z. J. ::  3.12.2009 23:12
pregnant vegan

Many women stop being a vegan once they’re pregnant because they give in to the pressure from doctors and parents. Are there any other possibilities open to a pregnant vegan?

Gaining weight A pregnant vegan can have problems gaining weight. The recommended weight gain is between 25 and 35 pounds (11-16 kilograms), for very young (teenage) or skinny mothers even between 31 and 44 pounds (14-20 kilograms). If your weight is increasing too slowly, make sure to eat food with more fat and less fibre. Protein A study showed that non-pregnant vegan women eat almost as much protein as they would need during pregnancy. Thus if you're a pregnant...Should a Pregnant Vegan Stop Being Vegan?


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