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Hands off Her Pregnant Belly!

Z.J. :: 12.11.2009 06:11
her pregnant belly

An expecting woman doesn’t like her pregnant belly to be touched like it would be some kind of public property!

When meeting a pregnant friend, many people just can’t resist the temptation of touching her pregnant belly. They seem to be drawn to the pregnant belly like moths to a flame. Touching a pregnant belly Even if people haven’t seen their pregnant friend for years, they still dart towards her pregnant belly like the notion of personal space wouldn’t exist at all. No, they don’t extend their hand in greeting, they don't kiss her on the cheeks, and they don't attempt to hug...Hands off Her Pregnant Belly!


I am pregnant – what are my options?

S.J. ::  8.09.2009 07:09

You do not know what to do? Perhaps the options below will help you in making the decision for which you do are running out of time.

Unplanned pregnancy is surely a very complicated and difficult situation for every woman (as well as for her partner). The decision on what to do has to be fast and right, as only in this way you can leave all the options open. A fast and right decision is also important, because slow action may have psychological as well as physical consequences. It is also recommended that you talk to different people – perhaps the women who were in a similar situation, partners, doctors,...I am pregnant – what are my options?

What Should You Eat While You’re Pregnant?

I. M. :: 15.08.2009 18:08
Foods while pregnant

A lot of things depend on your choice of food during pregnancy. Learn how to ‘eat for two’!

  What’s the best diet while you’re pregnant? As cooking destroys many vitamins, experts especially advise women to eat a lot of fresh and raw fruit and vegetables during pregnancy. They also recommend women to avoid preserved food because they often contain the preservatives and chemical substances that can have an adverse affect on the baby. Although it’s sometimes very difficult to resist temptation, it’s better to overcome sweet cravings and stay away from sweet...What Should You Eat While You’re Pregnant?

Bleeding during pregnancy

Izabela M ::  1.05.2009 20:05
Bleeding during pregnancy

Any sort of bleeding during pregnancy can be very risky. What do you do in case of bleeding and what causes it? Find out more in the article.

Bleeding and pregnancy stages Bleeding during any stage of pregnancy can be very risky and requires immediate medical assistance. Vaginal bleeding refers to any sort of bleeding from the vagina, that is, the area between the womb and the external genitals. It usually refers to bleeding in the lower abdomen, but doesn’t include menstruation. If bleeding occurs in the first trimester, it varies from fake stains to heavy bleeding with cloths. Vaginal bleeding is a common...Bleeding during pregnancy

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