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Unusual Ways to Use a Dildo

S. J. :: 14.09.2012 06:09
unusual dildos

Take a look at this collection of mutated or unusual artificial penises and find out how to use a dildo also for non-sexual purposes.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Siamese dildos with balls These are Siamese dildos, which are connected at the testicles. They are used in the scenes where two people enjoy anal penetration simultaneously. It is mostly appropriate for lesbian and gay couples, or those who like to experiment in the bedroom. If you want to get noticed in public, you can use this sex toy instead of a handlebar on a bicycle and you will definitely get some shocking looks from...Unusual Ways to Use a Dildo

The Cone, A Perfect Vibrator

Z. J. :: 22.06.2012 06:06
vibrator cone

Have you already heard of a sex toy called the Cone, a vibrator that satisfies women in every way?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   The Cone is a sex toy that is supposed to replace the famous bunny. According to its design, it could be attributed to Queen Padmé Amidala from Star Wars. It's a minimalist vibrator of a pink (or black) color, made from soft silicone with an anti-slip bottom. It uses batteries. The Cone is a hands-free and easy-to-clean vibrator. You can place it on the wall, on the floor, or use it in bed. It’s primarily intended for women, but men also use...The Cone, A Perfect Vibrator

Play with a Buttplug!

S. J. ::  4.05.2012 07:05

A buttplug is a toy for all people who love anal intercourse and for those who are just getting to know these kinds of pleasures.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   An anal plug is a popular sexual accessory with both men and women. It is most commonly used during foreplay leading to anal intercourse. It is very popular with women because this kind of stimulation to the anus gives them a greater feeling of fullness, while when men use it, the prostate is mostly stimulated. A buttplug appears at first glance as an upturned cone, which is narrower at the beginning, so that it is easier to insert it into...Play with a Buttplug!

A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure

S. J. :: 13.04.2012 07:04
a vibrating ring

A vibrating ring brings pleasure to both partners and is one of the most popular sex toys.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure Upon hearing the word ring many people think of weddings, but we are not going to discuss getting married today, instead you will learn about a sexual aid. A vibrating ring is a sexual toy which satisfies both men and women. A vibrating ring is made of soft elastic rubber, which should be put on a man’s penis or his testicles. He can turn the vibrator downwards and stimulate his balls or turn it...A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure

PHOTOS: The Most Bizzare Sexual Aids Ever!

Alex F. :: 16.03.2012 06:03
bizzare sexual aids

Have a look at these photos of the most bizarre sexual aids in the world and have a good laugh... or buy them!

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!PHOTOS: The Most Bizzare Sexual Aids Ever!

Hysterical Women Used to Be Treated with Vibrators

I. M. ::  3.01.2012 06:01
hystory of the vibrator

Read about the use of vibrators in the past and how they ended up in bed.

  Join us on Facebook!   Use of vibrators for hysterical women The method of massaging the vulva dates back to the time of Hippocrates. In the 19th century it was established as a very effective form to treat hysteria and neurasthenia or nerve weakness in layman terms. The purpose of vulva massage was not of a sexual nature. The procedure was rather slow, tedious and calm and it lasted until a patient reached the final emotional stage when the sign of hysteria...Hysterical Women Used to Be Treated with Vibrators

How to choose the right bed?

Antonio B ::  2.12.2011 06:12
the right bed

The most important part of furniture in your bedroom is, of course, the bed. So, how do you choose the right bed?

  Join us on Facebook!   Your bed isn’t just the place where you sleep It’s quite interesting that most beds are still designed only for a goodnight’s sleep. As if manufacturers never considered that people actually have sex in their beds. The main problem lies in the fact that for most versions of sexual intercourse the perfect bed base has to be hard compared to a bed strictly used to relax and have a restful sleep. One of the solutions is to have two beds...How to choose the right bed?

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