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Are you addicted to sex?

Antonio B :: 26.03.2013 06:03
sex addiction

Is there something wrong with you if you constantly want to have sex and if you have a hard on every time your darling parades in front of you?

  Join us on Facebook!   Is it normal to have sexual intercourse several times a day? If you’re afraid that you may be suffering from sex addiction, let me put your mind at ease right at the beginning, especially if you have one intimate partner you love deeply and find attractive as no other women before. This isn’t an addiction, but a fatal attraction, love and a desire for sex with the person you adore. There’s no need to check into a sex addiction clinic....Are you addicted to sex?

Supplies of the sex drug

Max M. :: 24.07.2012 06:07
sex addict

Have you ever asked yourself why anyone would even consider being a sex addict?

  Join us on Facebook!   Do you spend more than one hour a day on the web and spend most of that time browsing through erotic websites? Do you make virtual romantic and sexual contacts with strangers? Have you neglected your work responsibilities because of erotic contents on the internet. Do you devote more time to internet sex than to your family or partner? Do you often download sexually explicit photographs and films from the internet? Do you find it hard...Supplies of the sex drug

Has he become obsessed with pornography?

Izabela M :: 13.03.2012 06:03
obsessed with pornography

What to do when your partners become obsessed with pornography and spend all day with naughty magazines, movies and websites?

  Join us on Facebook!   Pornography is like masturbation When your partners spend a lot of time with pornography, it can cause jealousy and other unpleasant emotions. Some of them even affect the self-image. Men most often think that their penis is too small and that they’re not endurable or manly enough for their girl, who is becoming more and more enthusiastic about pornographic material. With women, the whole thing naturally affects the self-confidence and...Has he become obsessed with pornography?

Obsession with Cyber Sex Might Be Linked to Depression

I. M. :: 13.02.2012 06:02
cyber sex depression

Australian experts found that cyber sex is one of the factors that can even cause depression. Are they right?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   When cyber sex is better than real sex In the time dictated by the increasing tempo of life, in addition to all obligations, people can hardly find time to seek romance and love that would offer them everything relationships offer. Sex as well. As sometimes sex is a complicated and difficult task, the Internet is a perfect solution for replacement. People simply avoid all the agonies of the first (and subsequent) dates by visiting porn sites...Obsession with Cyber Sex Might Be Linked to Depression

Addiction to Adventures and Falling in Love

T. P. :: 17.01.2012 07:01
addiction to adventures

People who cannot survive without excitement, who don’t have serious relationships and feel like they have to cheat might be addicted to adventures.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Addiction to adventures It may sound silly if we say that such behavior is considered to be an addiction, but it shows all the symptoms of an addiction. It controls an individual, but loses the effect after a longer period, which forces the user to have another dose. Most people say that they are unable to resist because of the indescribable feeling, and they are unwilling to give that up. What are we talking about? We are talking about...Addiction to Adventures and Falling in Love

The Dangers of Cyber Sex

Alex F. :: 30.08.2011 06:08
dangers of cyber sex

At first glance, cyber sex seems completely harmless, but many people a deceived in the vicious cycle of addiction.

  Join us on Facebook!   When a supplement turns into a substitute Most people are “recreational users” of erotic websites. Similar to when you ended up in a pub to get together with your friends and drink alcohol or try your luck in a casino. All of the aforementioned have a harmful effect and excessive use leads to degradation of people. It involves a change to the way of thinking in the sense of “when a supplement turns into a substitute”. It definitely...The Dangers of Cyber Sex

Sex addicts

T. P. :: 20.06.2011 07:06
sex addicts

Who are sex addicts? Do they have any meetings? Then you definitely have to read the following lines, which will convince you this is a hard addiction.

  Join us on Facebook!   The mention of sexual addicion mostly triggers mischievous looks and stupid questions. In reality, it is a big burden for many individuals and people who are close to them. Sex addicts are not people who have a lot of sex and who are happy by satisfying their urges. They are people who do not know intimacy and cannot form real relationships. Addiction occurs when an intense sexual experience briefly but effectively gets rid of anxiety,...Sex addicts

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