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Unusual Ways to Use a Dildo

S. J. :: 14.09.2012 06:09
unusual dildos

Take a look at this collection of mutated or unusual artificial penises and find out how to use a dildo also for non-sexual purposes.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Siamese dildos with balls These are Siamese dildos, which are connected at the testicles. They are used in the scenes where two people enjoy anal penetration simultaneously. It is mostly appropriate for lesbian and gay couples, or those who like to experiment in the bedroom. If you want to get noticed in public, you can use this sex toy instead of a handlebar on a bicycle and you will definitely get some shocking looks from...Unusual Ways to Use a Dildo

Play with a Buttplug!

S. J. ::  4.05.2012 07:05

A buttplug is a toy for all people who love anal intercourse and for those who are just getting to know these kinds of pleasures.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   An anal plug is a popular sexual accessory with both men and women. It is most commonly used during foreplay leading to anal intercourse. It is very popular with women because this kind of stimulation to the anus gives them a greater feeling of fullness, while when men use it, the prostate is mostly stimulated. A buttplug appears at first glance as an upturned cone, which is narrower at the beginning, so that it is easier to insert it into...Play with a Buttplug!

A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure

S. J. :: 13.04.2012 07:04
a vibrating ring

A vibrating ring brings pleasure to both partners and is one of the most popular sex toys.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure Upon hearing the word ring many people think of weddings, but we are not going to discuss getting married today, instead you will learn about a sexual aid. A vibrating ring is a sexual toy which satisfies both men and women. A vibrating ring is made of soft elastic rubber, which should be put on a man’s penis or his testicles. He can turn the vibrator downwards and stimulate his balls or turn it...A Vibrating Ring for Enhanced Pleasure

Have Sex With a Swing

S. J. :: 20.01.2012 07:01
sex with a swing

A swing can be turned into an adult sexual accessory, which will bring you unforgettable pleasure.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Do you remember how you liked to swing in a swing in a park as a child and how you pushed higher and higher, like you were trying to reach the sky? As an adult, you probably don't even fit into a swing for children or you simply find such things foolish. Now you have a good reason to swing once again, on a sex swing meant for adults. The pleasure swing is a sexual accessory which offers you a great deal of pleasure while enabling you...Have Sex With a Swing

Dual vibrator for double the pleasure

Antonio B ::  9.11.2011 06:11
dual vibrator

The dual vibrator can satisfy heterosexual couples as well, not only homosexual ones. It doesn’t hurt to try...

  Join us on Facebook!   A naughty present for a lesbian couple Lesbian couples often make their sexuality better with the aid of vibrators, which is totally understandable and welcome. The dual vibrator, where both partners can be satisfied at the same time, is an ideal birthday or a new year’s present. Naturally, using it is very simple. This means that the girls insert their part of the same vibrator into their crotches and start thrusting towards one...Dual vibrator for double the pleasure

Try Sex on a Swing!

I. M. ::  2.11.2011 06:11
sex swing

Sex swing is exclusively for people who like to feel free during intercourse, like to surrender to their own playfulness and have no reservations.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Make your sex more fun with a swing Do you like to swing? Do you like to have sex? Why not combine the two and have highly relaxing and naughty sexual intercourse, which will undoubtedly take both of you to a sensual orgasm. The sex swing is for couples who have no reservations about trying out new things in the field of sexuality. The sex swing naturally requires space, but the pleasure it will give you is priceless. You can both swing on...Try Sex on a Swing!

How to Use Anal Beads and Make the Most of Them?

S. J. :: 13.07.2011 07:07
anal beads

Using anal beads can be an excellent foreplay or a refreshment of the anal game. Read about what they are, how they work and how to use them the right way.

  Join us on Facebook!   What are anal beads? You must have heard of the Japanese wonder, or the Japanese beads, which lead a woman to a nice orgasm? You can also use them for anal pleasure, but in principle they're meant for vaginal usage and are different to the anal ones we will be describing. Anal beads are similar to vaginal ones, except that they're smaller and connected with a plastic string. Anal beads can be different sizes and made of various...How to Use Anal Beads and Make the Most of Them?

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