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cheating with friends fiance IN THE SAME HOUSE

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Written on: 9. Nov 2010 18:47
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What is the one thing nobody ever plans on? Thats right, cheating :0 Cheating sets the naughtiest moods, already a no-no and acting out on such improvised lust doesn't always ....well, work out as well as planned.

I need help. Please spare me and others curious minded with the moral hogwash. I acknowledge that what I am doing is unethical, afterall it is called CHEATING.

Right, with that idea in place heres the meat & potatos:

so my buddy, who currently lives at home with 2 parents, his brother (who we will call Dan) lives there, and Dans fiance (who we will call Amy) lives there as well. Amy and I have have recently established that there is a mutual attraction between us. Yet the friction of sneaking around a full house is makes things as unrealistic/naughty as possible.

I come over and hang out to watch tv with "the guys" (2 of my best friends for 10 years) but Amy keeps stroking & groping me. Amy has the intention to leave Dan, but has no other option than to live with Dan and his parents. She has no vehicle, no phone, iDan and Amy are both unemployeed and are both around that house 24/7.

I think Dan is catching on. He asks her why shes so interested in me now. Lol last night we snuck into the next room "to get a drink" and made out for a minute.


We just want a fun nsa relationship, yet its so hard to function this way in this environment. Help us out!
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Written on: 11. Nov 2010 13:22
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Well, putting all the moral issues aside, one idea to get her alone would be to arrange a meeting outside the house and meet at your place when she goes out shopping for groceries or something. Surely she goes shopping, right?

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