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The Hidden Man-Sharing World I've Discovered

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Written on: 18. Dec 2010 00:45
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I'm a successful, professional, normal man who lost my wife to a auto accident 18 months ago. I am 35, and Julie was 33. We had been married for four years, but kids were not an option while we both worked hard and played hard.

Julie and I were crazy in love and lust for each other, and we never hid our passion for each other from our friends. The sex even got better after we married.

For several months after Julie died, I didn't even think of sex. I didn't masturbate once. But what amazed me most was how many women offered me a sympathy fuck. And lots of these women were happily married, weren't sluts, and often were in their 50's and 60's.

Of course, I eventually gave in to one of these offers (I changed a neighbor's tire, and she offered me a beer and a BJ).

Shelly was a divorced, 63 yo, retired nurse, who kept telling me that not getting off was bad for any man, and that we were just having 'clinical sex'. All Shelly cared about was getting me off, and she loved any kind of sex.

To get to the bottom line, since Shelly became my fuck buddy, I feel like I've joined a secret world of unlimited sex with any kind of woman I want. All great, kind, mainstream women, who discreetly refer each other to guys in their club.

I would like to hear stories from other people who know what I'm talking about.

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