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Have you ever had sex with a family member?

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Written on: 3. Jul 2010 21:37
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Growing up in the country, miles away from others and no one ele to play with beside my sister, we use to "play doctor". She learned it from an older neighbor girl who would come visit and play with her..We had a small shed behind our barn, they would go in and play.. They would not let me play, and locked the door. One day, I found a hole and peekd in; they were both naked and playing with with others hindee and opening there "pp" holes..It felt goood watching...buI wanted I said I was going to tell daddy...They opened the door , and I got to play too. We use to take baths together and when momma was in the other room, I would lide my finger in my sister, I did not know then why we like sitting on my hand as she wiggled her hindee around. I liked her playing with my hard dick, but she thought playing with my balls doing me like he would be fun. I had a hard time getting her to play with my dick...Times were hard farming so dad had to take a job in town. He would just come home on weekends, we only had a two bedroom house, one being for my two sisters, the other being mom, daddy'and mine. In order to save work while dad was away, I slept with mom. On cold nights, mm and I would snuggle tgether trying to get the bed warm. I was the youngest in the family so I was sent to bed first, brrrrr, the sheets were cold, but by the time mom came to bed after putting my sisters to bed, she woul get in and ask if I had warmed the bed, she would try to slide over and take my heated place. Ohh, she would sometimesjust back into we and squirm her butt back into me, or other times, wrap her arms around me and pull me cloe into her breasts and pull me tight to her and ort of rock me back 'n forth..sometimes she would wrap her legs around me tightly and if that feel warmer or we would roll on top of each other playing like we ere covering the other to warm each other up. I liked it when her nighty would pull up and I was lying on her naked belly and her panties were rubbing against my boxers..sometimes my hard little thing was soo excited it would poke out and touch her skin or panties...I would get soo excited I thought I had to pee...several times I got wett,and told mom I was sorry.. She would pull me real close....kiss me ...and say don't worry, I was her little man...I was just becoming a man..She even said once after I got wett between her legs...thaat she had gotten wett too and she liked it....After that we played alot mre that way...But all good things got to end, around the time I was 16, dad noticed my pole sticking up in my boxer in the mornings when he was home. He told mom, we had to add anothe room, he didn't want me sleeping with her...Maybe, he could red the writting on the wall, I don't know, but, that new room was tough on me and mom...her and dad fought alot after that, and she would treat me like aking during the week..coming to wake me, in a clear nightie, so loose when she bend down to kiss me, I could see her nipples all puffy and swollen.. Once I asked her if I was a titty baby? She ask me what I meant. I told her the boys at school were talking about people who were raised sucking their mommas tits and called them titty babies...She said know I wasn't why? I told her I wish I would have been because they look soo good. She smile and sort of sat down, sort of bnding over, and kissed me squarely on the lips... She said that was a wonderful thing to was only second latter, it seem like hours, she asked, "Could I keep a secret between us two?" I f course said I would, so she slwly lower her nighty and let me nurse her like a baby....I tried to rush in and suck hard and squeeze hard..she told me to stop and she would teach me, show me... she pulled my t-shirt up and told me to wartch, and she sucked my nipple....then she let me try...I nursed, and nursed and nursed, hoping to get milk.. try as I may have I didn't... mom wrapped her arms tightly around my head and held me close and tight for a long time..rocking back and forth , lightly moaning.I don't know but I think she cum, she started maning and rocked hard, breathing fast as I was sucking hard and bite her a little hard towards the end...I got my bed wett from me..We never talked about it, but she would always give me tyhe special little treatments, even up until the day I married. So that's my story, anyone else have anything similiar, I would be interested in hearing them
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Written on: 5. Jul 2010 23:40
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Great story!

Nope. I never have. long as it is not abusing a position of trust and no one gets pregnant, I don't see the harm.

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