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how do i have a better orgasm?

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Written on: 11. Mar 2013 15:08
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hey guys iv been doing new things, trying to find new ways for a better orgasm. and one way iv found is anal stimulation. which iv come to really enjoy. but it just aint doing the trick anymore, and of course niether is regular masterbation.. so does anybody have any advic? tips or tricks about anal or anything? id love to try something new or find a better way to do what im alredy doing.
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Written on: 27. Oct 2016 16:04
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Hi Chris, have you tried masturbating using a cock ring? Try focusing in the feeling instead of the end result. Have you tried "edging"? Learn to take your time and really enjoy the stimulation. You've stated that you enjoy anal, have you tried a butt plug or a vibrator? Never give up on feeling good. Quite a few of my phone sex clients enjoy guided masturbation, have you ever tried it? Live phone sex therapy.
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Written on: 16. Oct 2017 11:40
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nice to be honest great keep it up

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