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Problem with sex position

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Written on: 8. Jun 2010 13:05
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We (me and my girl friend) have problems with sex position in bed, we can't find the right position. In car for example we don't have problems but in bed it' s hard.
So please tell me what should we do i don' t think to sex all life in car icon_razz.gif
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Written on: 14. Jun 2010 09:59
registered since: 22.05.2010
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That's an interesting problem!

What kind of positions have you tried in bed? Why don't they work for you?

Maybe we can help you if you describe the problem in more detail.

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Written on: 21. Jun 2010 10:02
registered since: 08.03.2010
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What sex positions have you tried so far in bed?
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Written on: 3. Aug 2010 21:57
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I think that you do not have a house
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