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Spontaneous Erections In My Thirties

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Written on: 24. Aug 2011 23:24
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I have what seems to be an uncommon issue or at least one that is not talked about much if at all. I'm a man in my mid-thirties with the physical sexual response of teenagers going through puberty only more intense than that; or at least it feels that way. That is to say, in addition to the ones brought on by sexual stimulus such as a sexy woman, I have a lot of spontaneous erections without even remotely thinking about sex and they are almost always at the worst possible times like at work, church or even hanging out with family.

It takes literally nothing to trigger an onset. Relaxation, joy, happiness, comfort, excitement, nervousness, stress, play fighting/horseplay/tickling, hugs, cuddling/snuggling, sitting in certain positions, laying in certain positions, certain movements required for physical work or exercise, warmth of any kind, pressure or weight of any kind, vibration, bumps in the road, physical nonsexual touch, massage/massaging, good food...the list of these non sexual triggers goes on and on.

However it is impossible to predict what will trigger these unwanted woodies because these things only trigger it sometimes and I never know which one will do it. It just comes out of nowhere and by the time I get the feeling, it's too late to stop it and too late to excuse myself out of sight.

It always starts with me being blindsided by a tingling sensation that is often so sudden and so intense that I couldn't hope to move to excuse myself if I wanted to, followed quickly by a full, hard and raging boner that can persist anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours - usually around 30 minutes or so - before they even partially subside and often just when I think they are gone they will come back just as strong.

There are entire days where I am plagued over and over by this unwelcome intrusion. I enjoy the physical sensations as much as the next guy, but there are certain scenarios where you simply don't want to be sporting wood and especially don't want to feel those intense, paralyzing sensations! It seems to make no difference where I am at, who is present or how much attention is on me. Even negative reactions from others have no effect to eliminate or even reduce the problem.

All of the usual methods recommended to stave off or hide these erections have never worked for me including redirecting my attention, not thinking about sex, not thinking about the erection, thinking of anything and anyone repulsive, etc. Also, when the physical sensations are that strong, they are impossible to ignore.

Baggy clothes are not an option when you are expected to dress a certain way for work or church and they don't do much to hide it anyway when the muscles involuntarily and perpetually spasm because things are feeling so good. Tight underwear, while they hold the erection closer to the body, often prolong the erection even more and intensify the sensations further by giving the thing something to press against.

I have not been sexually active for several years, and have not masturbated for many years, but even when I was doing those things there was no difference in any aspect of this issue. It is simply there and part of my daily life no matter what I do or how much I fight it.

I know there is nothing medically wrong with me because this is not priapism. There is no pain or discomfort; just incredibly intense pleasure. It’s been happening since I was in my mid 20’s; before that I remember my sexual response as being normal. There have been no adverse physical symptoms at all. Blood flow/exchange is normal. I would be concerned if the individual erections lasted longer than 3 or 4 hours but they don’t. Also, there is no issue with premature ejaculation.

I do not and have not done illegal drugs or legal drugs illegally. I am on absolutely no medications. I occasionally take an aspirin for a headache. I’m a tobacco smoker. I very occasionally drink alcohol lightly and socially.

My questions are: How normal is this situation for a man in his thirties? Are there any safe and practical, no nonsense, solutions to greatly reduce or eliminate the occurrences of these unwanted erections, without eliminating my social, family and work life or eliminating my sex drive altogether? How do I keep people from thinking that I’m a pervert in these situations? Is there perhaps a pill that will bring my sexual response down to a normal level, but no lower?

It may sound like an awesome condition to have, and it is in the appropriate settings; but when I am constantly embarrassed at work and rendered unproductive because I don’t have the strength to move or have to double over and hold my head and act like I’m not feeling well when visiting with family and have them worry about me and ask if I need to go to the hospital because they think I am deathly ill… it’s not such a picnic.

Then there is always the risk of someone, like family, noticing my unexpected wood and mistakenly thinking the worst about me – that they are the cause of it. That is my worst fear of all!! To lose a family member or my entire family, due to of one of these spontaneous erections, because they think that I hold some twisted sexual attraction for them, when the very thought of that turns my stomach!!!

Any straight forward and serious advice would be highly appreciated!!! Thank you and I apologize for the length of my post.
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Written on: 26. Aug 2011 08:07
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Here you'll probably find some answers:
1. How to Combat a Spontaneous Erection?
2. When Your Sex Drive Starts Declining

wish you luck!
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