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Western vs. Eastern Men

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Why nobody writes blogs anymore? Are they totally out?

Well, I'll write something then. I was at a great exhibition yesterday with my girlfriends who are all crazy about Japan and Korea. I consider myself to be an enthusiast, but when I listen to them...

So, what is their greatest source of excitement (besides the food)? MEN. Especially Korean men, while the Japanese are not bad either. The girls have figured them out to the smallest detail but, unfortunately, without any real physical contact (even though they've all been to Korea). Apparently they look just like in the movies: wearing the latest fashion (which is a step ahead of European, of course), clean shaven, with nice hair-dos and pleasant smell... And especially, oh-so-gallant! Korean boys leap to their feet every time they see a woman carrying a heavy suitcase. Well, this can't be acceptable in Korea, the ''land of pheromones''! It is completely acceptable if they want to carry your suitcase, but what about if they wanted to carry your purse...Let's put it differently: all the grandpas carry the purses of the grandmas. This is a sign of eternal love. Unfortunately, no one wanted to carry the purses of my girlfriends.

Every time one of the girls comes back from Asia, she feels like someone hit her with on the head with a heavy brick. They see Western guys as untidy, badly dressed (they wear a tracksuit for shopping), and they have bad manners: OK, you can't really expect them to carry suitcases anymore, but there's no need for them to make rude remarks about women's bodies in the presence of other women, so that we start to feel as a piece of meat, and besides, they swear, they don't know how to have a real conversation....

OK, I know that the girls' perception of Koreans is close to perfection (it is hard to believe that there's a paradise on Earth), but someone needs to put the Western guys in front of a mirror, before all the girls escape to South Korea (or Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, South Africa, Tanzania, etc.)

The choice is not limited to metro-retro, where metro means pussy and retro means untidy (no one knows how to behave anyway), so guys show some respect for yourselves and women, please!

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