Is the Penetration of the Urethra Even Possible?

3.04.2013 | By: Antonio B

Some women can have the so called urethral coitus, which means that the partner’s penis enters into the urethra, and they might even enjoy it. Here is more about the penetration of the urethra!



penetration of the urethra

Penetration of the urethra usually happens only because of physical abnormalities of the vaginal opening. (PhotoXpress)


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People would usually never think of the penetration of the urethra

If you ask ordinary people about this, they will probably think that it is a joke or something that only a circus artist can perform. Or an extreme porn star who is paid a great deal of money. The external orifice of urethra is fairly small, tiny and narrow, and we think that it cannot stretch a lot. However, some women can perform miracles, and penetration of the urethra is a completely natural sexual practice for them. Indeed, this is a fairly small percentage of women, but the fact that something like that is even possible is, without doubt, interesting and draws the attention.

Does the penetration of the urethra happen only because of physical problems?

In 1965, sexologists Joseph Zeigerman and Jan Y. Gillenter stated in a professional magazine that there were only thirteen cases of urethral coitus recorded in international literature, and even those happened due to physical problems with the genitals. In two cases, the hymen was too hard, meaning that the man penetrated the urethra. In other women, it was the case of the so called vaginal atresia, that is, absence of the vaginal opening. Therefore, none of the women actually wanted it because of their own pleasure, and Zeigerman and Gillenter also did not find any man who would want such an unusual sexual practice with his partner.

Housewife who only had sexual intercourse by penetration of the urethra

Zeigerman and Gillenter did not give up so easily and came across a 32-year old housewife who was brought to the hospital because of urinary incontinence. She told physicians that she could not empty the bladder completely when passing urine, and she also had long menstrual bleeding. When they examined her, physicians found that her hard and rigid hymen almost closed the vaginal opening, meaning that the gynecologist could hardly insert his finger. As the woman had been happily married for ten years, she just had to find another own way, thus allowing her husband to penetrate the urethra. So, the gynecologist had no trouble inserting two fingers into the urethra at the same time. After an operation, her problems were solved and after a year she admitted that vaginal intercourse was quite satisfactory. Satisfactory? Does this mean that she was missing the penetration of the urethra and her vagina did not give her enough thrills? Who would know. Zeigerman and Gillenter did not say anything about it.

Does anyone actually do it for pleasure?

Porn films are something completely different. It is done there. It happens rarely, but it still does. For money and the thrills acted. What about ordinary couples? Does anyone perform this unusual sexual practice? And not due to physical problems, but because they would be interested in the feeling and because they might even enjoy it. That is why we carried out a bit of research and found a web forum where a young man explained that this was a perfect way for a foreplay. He stimulated his partner’s urethra and found out that there is the largest number of nerve endings, which gives her a special thrill. Some comments on the forum were positive, saying that they know what it is about, while other people were horrified and wondered whether the guy was bluffing. The wildest person was, without doubt, the one who wrote that he loves to insert a pencil into his penis and stimulate his urethra. You are right; we were speechless as well.


You can find more advice on the Female Orgasm in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality.



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