Unusual Fetish: »I'm Turned on by a Radiator!«

10.09.2010 | By: I. M.

Read about objectophilia, an unusual fetish, where people develop an erotic attraction to certain objects!


Erika La Tour claims that she is married to the Eiffel Tower.

Erika La Tour is married to the Eiffel Tower.

What is objectophilia?

Objectophilia is defined as love or attraction to inanimate objects. Objectophiles don't experience an emotional and erotic attachment to people, but they are sexually aroused by objects. They share their feelings and experiences on various forums on the internet. The object of desire can be anything and in any size, for example a toy, a game machine, various models or even buildings, and for one German woman even a whole train station. Sexologists warn that objectophiles develop a pathological behavior but they cause no harm to anybody but themselves. Objectophiles sometimes feel frustrated because of unfulfilled love and the lack of intimacy with their object of desire.

Sandy K. felt deep sadness when the 9/11 occurred in 2001, because her one true love has collapsed.

Sandy K. felt deep sadness when the 9/11 occurred because her one true love collapsed.

Examples of objectophilia 

Sandy K.

A woman that the media knows as Sandy K. has been in love with the World Trade Center twin towers since she was eight years old. She felt great sadness on 9th September in 2001 when the towers collapsed, because she was practically married to them in her mind. She can't imagine to be in love with a human, and the only thing that reminds her of her one true love now are the twin tower models.

Erika La Tour

The former American soldier from San Francisco married her unusual husband in the presence of the media. She married the Eiffel tower and claims she'll love it for as long as she lives.

Amy Wolfe

32-year old American says that she had several affairs with the models of space ships, the twin towers, church organs and a fence.

Joachim A.

43-year old man doesn't want media exposure, but he says that he realized he had an unusual fetish when he was twelve. He felt an immense emotional attachment to objects, he also had a love affair with a broken radiator in the past, but today he is faithful to his one true love - the models of locomotives.

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