Episode 1 - Discover the Misteries of Sexuality

Episode 1 - Discover the Misteries of Sexuality
Get the knowledge you need to become a better lover and make your partner truly happy. The Intimate Medicine Sex Guide package includes - the one and only - Video Encyclopedia of Sexuality with experts' advice, a docu series about the sex life of modern day people called The Beautiful Life and thousands of interesting articles about sex, health & relationships.
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Explore with us your beautiful sex life. We are all born with a great deal of sexual potential that can be reflected in many different ways. Human sexuality encompasses ways of how people perceive what is erotic and how we express ourselves as sexual beings. With this series we want to offer some new views on our sex life and open the door to new possibilities for achieving pleasures. At the same time we want to expose frequent problems that many individuals and couples face in sexuality and offer possible solutions.

In the following 16 episodes this series will attempt to lift taboos, educate and present the truth behind modern sexuality.



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