Sex Advice

slow fellatio

Work on his penis... slooowly!


Who said that fellatio has to always be fast, wild and pornographic? Dear ladies, take all the time...

enlarge a penis 1

How to Enlarge a Penis for a Centimeter or Two?


Do you want to find out how to make your penis longer? Then don’t miss this article on penis...

right lingerie

How to Buy Hot Lingerie For Your Lady?


Would you like to buy your girlfriend or your wife the right lingerie which you could both enjoy,...

Use a pillow for greater pleasure during intercourse. (PhotoXpress)

Unforgettable Sexual Pleasures with a Pillow


If you thought that a pillow is only used to provide a good night’s sleep, you were very much...

stimulate labia

Stimulate the Labia!


The labia are one of the most neglected parts of a woman’s crotch. It would be interesting if they...

extraordinary orgasm

Take Him to an Extraordinary Orgasm!


Learn about simple ways of making him achieve an extraordinary orgasm.


sex in car

19.04.2013 Sex in a car

We have compiled some useful advice you can use when you next embark on this exciting sexual exploit. >>

make her come

16.04.2013 How to Tell Whether You Made Her Come?

Learn how to recognize reliable signs of orgasm in women that will dispel your doubts whether you made her come. >>

erotic oil massage

12.04.2013 Erotic Oil Massage

If you are thinking about how to bring your partner to ecstasy, then an oil massage is an excellent idea.>>

Inspiration for Masturbation

9.04.2013 You May Need Some Inspiration for Masturbation

Do you need some inspiration for masturbation? You’re just a click away from discovering its pleasures anew. Give these great ideas a chance!>>

intercourse in water

5.04.2013 Guidelines For Intercourse In Water

Splashing around in water is not appealing only to children. Adults can make their own private games more fun with water, too.>>

home-made lubricant

2.04.2013 Prepare a Homemade Lubricant for Masturbation!

Check out some simple recipes to make a home-lubricant!>>

penis enlargement

29.03.2013 Which Method of Penis Enlargement Works?

Do you want to have a bigger penis? Read on to find out which method of penis enlargement works. >>

sex addiction

26.03.2013 Are you addicted to sex?

Is there something wrong with you if you constantly want to have sex and if you have a hard on every time your darling parades in front of you?>>

Feng Shui bedroom

22.03.2013 Use Feng Shui to Improve Your Lovemaking

Learn how to create a jin-jang balance in your bedroom with the help of Feng Shui methods.>>

sex in public

19.03.2013 Sex in a Public Place

Are you daring, brave, and excited by the thought of having sex in a public place? Read on to find out where and how you can do it.>>

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