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negative effects of masturbation

Are You Aware of the Negative Effects of Masturbation?


Did you know that masturbation can also have negative effects? Read about them in the article.

intimate hygiene on journey

Intimate Hygiene on a Journey


Read about all the things you have to be careful about when it comes to intimate hygiene on a...

treatment erectile dysfunction

VIDEO: Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


What you should ask your physician, how do you treat erectile dysfunction, and how dangerous...

penis bent

Is Your Penis Bent?


Peyronie's disease is usually caused by awkward injuries to the penis and has extremely unpleasant...

life without orgasm 1

40 Years without Orgasm


Is that even possible? Of course it’s possible. The condition is called anorgasmia.

causes of infertility

Causes of Male and Female Infertility


Check out which 6 factors are the most harmful to male fertility.


tight foreskin problems 1

25.03.2013 Problems with Tight Foreskin

The condition is called phimosis. You can read in the article about the signs of phimosis, who develops it, and how it is treated. >>

signs of the menopause

18.03.2013 What are the signs of the menopause?

The period in which the body prepares for the menopause is called the climacteric or peri-menopause. How do we recognise the symptoms? >>

ejaculatory disorders

11.03.2013 Ejaculatory Disorders: What and Why

Some men can’t ejaculate, while some come much too soon. Both of these categories are experiencing ejaculatory disorders. But why? And how to fix it?>>

patients with heart disease

4.03.2013 12 Facts Patients with Heart Disease Need to Know

Patients with heart disease fear sex. Let’s see why it’s reasonable for the, to get rid of such fears.>>

sexual intercourse during period

25.02.2013 Sexual Intercourse During Period: Is It Really Risky?

Some people abstain from sexual intercourse during period. But are there any justifiable reasons for this?>>

Mid-Life Crisis

18.02.2013 When Men Go Through a Mid-Life Crisis…

When men go through a mid-life crisis, professional help is often required.>>

semen quality

11.02.2013 How to Improve Semen Quality and Health?

The article offers advice on how to improve the quality of semen and keep your semen healthy.>>

cystitis honeymoon

4.02.2013 Honeymoon Cystitis

Honeymoon cystitis is an acute bacterial inflammation of the urinary system form excess and long-lasting sex. >>

pain in lower abdomen

28.01.2013 Dangerous Pain in Lower Abdomen

The pain in lower abdomen usually indicates a condition involving the reproductive system and it is therefore advisable that you take note of symptoms and consequences. >>


21.01.2013 Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the term used to describe the state of a man who has problems with the prostate. The article describes the condition in detail. >>

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