opposites attract

Is It True That Opposites Attract?


Are opposites the driving force of a relationship? Can they overcome their differences? How many...

partner gets on my nerves

Do the Little Things in Your Partner Get on Your Nerves?


Something you didn’t notice at the beginning drives you crazy after a certain time. Why does that...

saving marriage tips

Saving Marriage Tips


Read about the most frequent causes for a failed relationship and get hold of some saving marriage...

woman faithful

How to Keep Your Woman Faithful?


An old saying suggests that a woman will be faithful to a man only if she’s barefoot and pregnant....

woman faking orgasm

What To Do If Your Woman Is Faking Orgasms?


A lot of men fear that their woman is faking orgasms. And when such a fact is revealed it is a...

talk about issues

Talk about Intimate Issues with Your Partner


Let's take a look at the unwritten rules of sexual communication. What should you bear in mind when...


love at first sight

29.11.2012 Should We Believe in Love at First Sight?

Let's make this clear once and for all: Is love at first sight only a myth or a fact of life?>>

the relationship is over

22.11.2012 How to Tell Her the Relationship Is Over?

Here you can find some useful advice on how to break up a relationship and tell your partner you don’t love her any more. Do that in the best possible way.>>

not over his ex

15.11.2012 Find Out if He's Still Not Over His Ex!

Is he still not over his ex? Recognize the signals!>>

bad sex

8.11.2012 How to Tell Him You Expected More?

When you want to criticize your partner's performance in bed, you have to address the problem of bad sexual intercourse as diplomatically as possible.>>

Friendship and Sex

8.11.2012 Friendship and Sex

Can good friends become passionate lovers? Read more on the subject of friendship and sex.>>

emotional affair

1.11.2012 Emotional Affairs

Is an emotional affair cheating? Here are some thoughts on emotional infidelity.>>

male thoughts during intercourse

1.11.2012 Male Thoughts during Intercourse

Do you want to find out what are the most common male thoughts during sexual intercourse? Read on and find the answers...>>

violence is not the solution

25.10.2012 “I’m Going to Kill Her!”

This time we talk about why violence is not the solution if you find out your partner is cheating on you. How to relax and why should you?>>

how important is sex

25.10.2012 How Important Is Sex in a Relationship?

How important is sex to a serious relationship? Can intercourse destroy it, or save it?>>

resolve conflicts

18.10.2012 Learn How to Resolve Conflicts Successfully!

Arguing can bring you closer or needlessly tear you apart. >>

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