Sex in Society

men find sexy

6 Things Men Find Sexy About Women


Many women think that large breasts and a firm bottom are the most important things to men. On the...

causes of prostitution

Major Causes of Prostitution Explained


One of the causes of prostitution is poverty. But not everything is so grim.

more horny

Are Men Really More Horny Than Women?


Is the belief that men think of sex more often than women true, or is it just a cliché?

ecouterism, voyeurism

Do You Like to Listen to Others Having Sex?


Voyeurism is old news. Here comes ecouterism - for everyone that likes to listen to others having...

why women fake orgasms

5 Main Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms!


Are you wondering why women even fake orgasms? Here are 5 of the main reasons for faking it.

penetration of the urethra

Is the Penetration of the Urethra Even Possible?


Some women can have the so called urethral coitus, which means that the partner’s penis enters into...


sexual abuse of children

27.03.2013 The Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse are Permanent!

Sexual abuse can happen at home, in school, in the church or at your neighbours. Memories of these horrific acts are usually remembered by the victims forever. >>

relationship with a virgin

20.03.2013 Are Virgins a Bad Choice for Relationships?

On the one hand you would like to be her first, but on the other, the situation has a lot of disadvantages. >>

obesity sex life

13.03.2013 Obesity Affects the Quality of Sex Life

Obesity makes it impossible to have a relaxed and interesting sex life because you feel tense, sluggish and clumsy. It's time to make changes!>>

history of orgies

6.03.2013 A History of Sex Parties

How did it all begin? With whom, where, when, and why? Read about how sex parties became what they are today.>>

Influences on sexuality of teenagers

27.02.2013 Sexuality of older siblings affects younger ones

Teenagers whose older brothers and sisters are sexually active start having sex sooner. Read more about it below!>>

vagina beautiful 1

20.02.2013 Is Every Vagina Beautiful?

Increasingly more women are unsatisfied with the appearance of their vaginas. Is it right that they're thinking about undergoing a cosmetic surgery?>>

Cottaging 1

14.02.2013 Are You Familiar with a Punishable Practice of Cottaging?

Get to know the unusual practice of cottaging that George Michael likes to indulge in.>>

wife swapping

6.02.2013 Wife Swapping - Would You Do It?

Partners who usually decide to exchange partners are bored in their long-lasting relationships.>>

myths about masturbation 1

23.01.2013 Myths about Masturbation

Masturbation is only for men and it is harmful for your health – a myth or the truth?>>

homosexuality is natural

16.01.2013 Homosexuality Is Nothing Unusual in Nature

Homosexuality is something natural that only some humans have a problem with.>>

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