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Do i need to cirumcise

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Written on: 7. Oct 2010 08:55
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hello im 22 years old. i have a problem with my penis and i only realise it now. im not yet circumcised, so i cant move my foreskin back, i guess its to tite. when i have sex with my girlfriend i must do it with a condom because i cant do it with my naked penis otherwise ill hurt myself. so can i still go circumcise and about how long will it take to heal.
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Written on: 8. Oct 2010 16:55
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this must be really unpleasant for you.

I read somewhere that the age doesn't matter, you can get circumcised at any age. Actually a lot of adult men get it done, for aesthetic or medical reasons.

It takes about 4-6 weeks to heal but the pain isn't so bad.

Hope you gather the courage to get it done. Wish you luck and hope you tell us how it went!
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Written on: 10. Oct 2010 11:28
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Never any need to circumcise, except if when puberty occurs, you cannot retract your foreskin in order to be able to wash yourself... even then, there are numerous ways to loosen it up... ALL without any surgery.
What you need in your case is very slight surgery which will make a little slit in your frenulum which is the tissue which makes the junction between your glans and your foreskin (it takes 1 month to heal, then you can be having sex) so as to be able to retract your foreskin completely without it being too tight...
Circumcision only creates problems, including saying goodbye to 18'000 nerves (in your foreskin) which will rather degrade your sensitivity, especially concerning pleasure. And your glans will adapt by hardening its "coating", ie thicker skin --> less sensitive...
Having a little slit in your frenulum will actually make your sex life better, because 1. you can retract your foreskin
2. Your frenulum will be extended, so being more supple, will not hurt anymore
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